Go Paul & Storm, Go! You My Friend

With today’s installment, Paul and Storm’s epic Advent homage to everyone’s favorite songwriter, Randy Newman, draws to a bittersweet close. Dubbed The 25 Days of Newman, it is brilliant not only for its hilarious lyrics, but also for the total mastery of internet publicity that it demonstrates. With meme-savvy themes for The Big Lebowski, Cloverfield, A Brief History of Time, Serenity and more, the project racked up some 36,000 plays in less than a month. To quote Paul and Storm quoting their tour-mate Jonathan Coulton, “suck on that, old media!”

If you haven’t checked it out already, get on it. And should the muse strike, they’ve kindly included the raw piano track so you can create your own Newman-inspired movie theme (though you can’t really hope to do any better than [spoiler alert] The Crying Game). To Paul and Storm, thanks for the great shout-out, and for choosing Bandcamp to help bring this ingenious project to the world.