We’re declaring ourselves 1.0 today! This is the second of three posts regarding the release. The others are here and here.

One of Bandcamp’s core services is providing you and your fans with the tools to share your music as far and wide as possible, and in a way that drives traffic back to you. Thus far, those tools have been darn successful: each month, we’re seeing a slew of music being tweeted, emailed, IM’d, and posted to blogs and social networks, and a corresponding boatload of clicks going back to Bandcamp-powered sites from those shared links and widgets. Superb, but we know we could foster even more sharing by offering more embedded player formats, and some basic customization options. We know this because you guys (both artists and fans) have been asking for it. A lot. So, it being incredibly gratifying to build the things you request, that’s what we did.

The new sharing dialog gives you four sizes of embedded player to choose from (pseudoscientifically chosen from a broad survey of the sort of sites where they’re likely to be placed), and lets you customize the background and font colors:


We first give you the Venti, perfect for places where width is no object:

Then there’s the slightly more compact Grande:

The Tall, born to sit majestically atop an American Apparel ad for Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Necks:

And finally, the Short (a.k.a. “Spartacus”):


  1. You guys rock harder than Kiss, harder than Deep Purple, harder even than Trio.

    TAHNK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for these new playas.


  2. This is great. I would still like to see a player that shows all the tracks at one time. Like it is on the main page. I would LOVE to remove my music from MySpace and send the traffic here.

  3. I got excited by the new sizes until I noticed the “Compact Grande” and “Tall” are missing ff/rw functions. UGHH!!!!

    1. Rev, you may remain excited. The previous/next buttons are there on Grande and Tall, as long as what you’re sharing is an album. If you’re sharing a track, they don’t make sense so they’re hidden.

  4. this is great!!! does anyone know how to integrate/replace the music player on myspace with bandcamp?

  5. Oh, this -is- exactly the feature that I wanted… and I’d been hesitating to ask for it because you guys were already too awesomely generous for words.

  6. “ff & rw” and “previous & next” are two different things. to fast forward or rewind I think you you just drag the gray ‘tapehead’ forward or backward. The arrow buttons are only for switching tracks. am I reading this right? (and when is digital music gonna get its own jargon?) Oh and for the myspace thing, you could just upload a “song” explaining that the player below will provide the music for the site from now on. does myspace actually let you switch out their player? that would seem uncharacteristically sweet of them.

    1. Right, I’m pretty sure rev meant prev/next and not ff/rw. At any rate, they’re there for the album players, just not the track players.

  7. Bandcamp is honestly and absolutely amazing. I am freaking out over how many solutions you present to common music marketing and digital distribution issues that are ever present in a musician’s life.

    I am so grateful to have found out about you and will do everything I can to support.


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