Now (Further) Hotting Up Your Music for the iPhonePodTouch

If you’ve ever had the extraordinary pleasure of reading through the Bandcamp FAQ, then a) thanks for your indulgence, and b) you already know the answer to this leading question:

Did I know that Bandcamp automatically adds metadata to all of my downloadable tracks?
No, you did not! And it’s totally bitchin’! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve downloaded music from some band’s site, only to bring it into iTunes and find that it has no cover art, a name like “Master 2 (final).mp3” and no information about who it’s by or what album it’s from. Annoying, but not really surprising when you learn what a pain in the ass it is for a band to add all that information to a track themselves. Well, we’ve got you covered. As you add information to your site, we automatically attach that data to the underlying tracks, so that when your fans download and import them into iTunes or anywhere else, they come with their title, artist, album, track number, release date, and artwork intact. Smoove.

Smoover than smoove, however, would be if we also included lyrics, track-level art, higher-res art in general, and supported international characters. And if all of that just worked, without you lifting a finger. It’s more fun to look at than to read about:

A detail for those who like details: there’s no point in putting custom track art on track 1 if you also have album art. Why? Because mp3 players expect the ALBUM art to be on track 1, so we put it there instead. By the same logic, if you don’t have album art BUT you have some nifty art on track 1, mp3 players will use that as the representative art for the album. Details!

9 thoughts on “Now (Further) Hotting Up Your Music for the iPhonePodTouch

  1. That last paragraph is a little hard to follow. We’d place no art on track one, but we do add art on the rest of the tracks to take advantage of this? And then the album art is what will show up as track 1’s art?

  2. Nice one 🙂 The inclusion of lyrics is a particularly nice detail for me, as they’re still very much a… theoretical part of my music submissions 😉

  3. Hey Bandcamp, Very nice addition and something I requested in the past! Thank You. One issue for me though. I do mostly instrumental music and thus don’t fill in anything in the lyrics field, but I fill in a lot in the About this track field. Is it possible to allow us to choose whether to send both the “About this track” field and the “Lyrics” field to be encoded into the lyrics tag of the MP3? This would great because I love to read liner notes (not just lyrics) directly on the iTouch and iPhone. Thanks, Carl

  4. So funny you mention that. I wanted the same thing the last time I was looking at lyrics on the iTouch… Lyrics + About + Credits. It would be trivial to do.

  5. Thanks for the news.

    I only just registered yesterday, but I can already tell that the layout and back-end of this site are near perfect. Everything is simple, organized and clean (unlike myspace), and the user has a lot of freedom in changing the look of their page. I also like the idea of allowing lossless file type uploads for greater variation in file types that can be downloaded. Bandcamp is by far the best site for free hosting of music that I’ve come across so far. Please don’t make any drastic changes that might negatively impact the site. Keep it up. 😉

  6. Where’s the COPYRIGHT metadata?

    I took all my tracks off being downloadable yesterday when I discovered it was missing! You cannot proudly claim that Bandcamp automatically adds metadata to all downloadable tracks without this!

    Any chance of a very quick fix?

    1. We could put copyright data in one of the ID3 frames, but we’re not aware of any app that would actually display that data. If you are, please let us know.

  7. Howdy howdy howdy!

    Is it possible (now or in the future) to have multiple pieces of art accompany a single track – similar to what can be done with podcasts?

    Just curious.

    By the way – ALL of what Bandcamp is doing is freakin’ awesome. Many thanks.

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