Bandcamp App Update, Now with Search, Music Discovery K-Hole

You can now dig through Bandcamp’s catalog of 1.4 million albums and 10.7 million tracks, right from the app. Search for artists and fans, too:

Search for albums, tracks, artists and fans

You can also now tap on any fan image in the new “supported by” section below the music in your collection, and then listen to that fan’s full collection (this is an awesome way to discover new music):

Tap on fans to listen to their collection

For items in your collection, you can pick your favorite track, and tell the artist and your followers why you love that record:

Add your favorite track and comment

And finally, if you still haven’t set an image for yourself, you can now do that from the app too (it’s in Settings):

Set your fan bio image for maximum fun

Do I need a fan account for all this? Yes, details here.

I already have a Bandcamp artist account, can I sign up for a fan account too? Yes. If you’d like your artist and fan account to be one and the same (e.g., you’re a solo artist and don’t want to maintain separate logins), make sure you’re logged in to your artist account, and then sign up here.

I’m an artist, is there anything I should do to improve my appearance in search? Yes, please visit Bandcamp from a desktop machine, go to your profile, and make sure you’ve set your bio image. We’ll show it in search results, your artist page, and the about section of your albums.

21 thoughts on “Bandcamp App Update, Now with Search, Music Discovery K-Hole

  1. Looks lovely, now cross develop it for Windows phones. We aren’t all Apple nuts U know 😉 But loving the whole fan account anyway. Found some of the best hip-hop this year 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you will be able to get an app for the older android versions, such as the DroidX? Android version 2.3.4 thanks!

  3. Glad this has happened! Are you ever going to let artists access their stuff via the app? Or at least on the mobile version of the site? I like fiendishly checking my stats too often but having to switch to desktop view on my phone just seems so superfluous. I can’t really understand why this hasn’t been implemented yet, but I really hope you plan on it!

  4. Cool, thanks bandcamp! Though, I agree with developing it for windows phones. Would be nice to have a new app to play with!

  5. This is awesome! Bandcamp are awesome! Keep on beeing awesome!
    I hope it never gets snatched up by a big money hungry comapny. Keep supporting independent bands and true music lovers! We’d be lost without it!!

  6. Is it possible listening to the complete álbum? I have tried diferent artists And i only can listen the featured song

  7. Nice, I’ve been waiting for this to happen! This is definitely one of my favorite sites to discover music on, and now it’s all in my pocket. Hell yes. I like the Kishi Bashi feature too^.

  8. If there’s one thing I’d love to see from this app it’d be the ability to shuffle through your entire collection. I always listen through this app while I drive so it bothers me that I can’t have music play continuously for any amount of time longer than the length of a single album. This also results in me neglecting all of the singles or shorter eps I’ve purchased.

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