#NoBanNoWall: Over 400 Labels & Artists Join Us in Donating Today’s Profits to the ACLU

Labels Donating to the ACLU

Labels Donating to the ACLU

Over 400 artists and labels have joined us in donating their Bandcamp profits today to the ACLU and other organizations in support of immigrants and refugees. We’ve done our best to list them all here, but if you’re a label or artist who will be making a donation, you can let people know by sharing your information in the comments below. Bandcamp will be donating 100% of our share of the proceeds to the ACLU, no matter what you choose to buy, but the labels listed below are making additional donations.

6131 Records
A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Aaron Tap
Abbot Kinney
Advance Base
A-F Records
Al Baker
Alanna McArdle (ex Joanna Gruesome) (Donating to Right to Remain)
Alex Rose
All That Noise For Feeling
American Residue Records
Andy D
Andrew Tuttle
Animal Style Records
Anthology Records
Arctic Flowers
ATO Records
Auralgami Sounds
Ba Da Bing Records (Donating to the Nigerian Muslim Association of New York)
Barsuk Records (Proceeds from their compilation Sad! will benefit the ACLU)
Beats in Space
BETS (Donating to Center for Reproductive Rights)
Blood Music (Donating all revenue from digital sales)
Bloodshot Records
Bones Hamilton
Boogarins (Will donate 10% of their sales of “Desvio Onirico”)
Brave Wave
Cantalouper (Donating proceeds from ‘Screens for Decor’ EP)
Carbon 7
Casiotone For the Painfully Alone
Champion Lover
Chasing Morgan
Cherub Records
Chin Up!
Chris Polcyn
City Slang
Cody Yantis
Colleen Raney
Common Ground Records
Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends
Cory J Brewer
Cougar on a Meth Binge
Court Hoang
Crocodile Deathspin
Damon and Naomi
Daylight Robbery
DCTV (Will be donating to the ACLU for the entire month of February)
Dead Lizard Grin
Deathwish, Inc.
Den Miller
DFA Records
Doll Factory
Don’t Stop Now
Duke Buzzy
Eric Peter Schwartz
Esper Scout
Extinction AD
Fact Pattern
Fake Limbs
Fat Possum
Father/Daughter Records
Fire Talk Records (Will donate 10% of their sales)
First Word Records
Flannelgraph Records
Fluff and Gravy Records (Will donate 10% of their profits)
Four Tet
Franck Martin
Freedom to Spend
Full Spectrum Records
Further Records (Will donate 100% of digital sales, 50% of physical)
Future of the Left
Gap Tooth
Germany Germany
Get Party Records
Gezzelig Records (All proceeds from “Is There Another Language” will be donated)
Glass House
Golden Halos
Head 2 Wall Records
Her Name is Calla
High Aura’d
Hip Kid Records
Hit City U.S.A.
Hop on Pop
Hopeful Monster
Infinite Best
Jameson Elder
Jesse Dangerously
John Heart Jackie
Jonas Newhouse
Jorge Velez
Ken Reid (Will donate 50% of sales to the ACLU)
Kiam Records
Kill Rock Stars
Killer Tofu Records
Kim Boekbinder
Knuckle Puck
Laura K
Lauren Hoffman & the Secret Storm
Le Barons
Lonely Child
Lonely Voyage Records
Loop Crew
Los Campesinos!
Luke Sweeney
Lushlife (Donating all proceeds from “My Idols Are Dead” mixtape)
Lykanthea (Donating all proceeds on 2/3 to CAIR)
Major Grizz
Mandy Troxel
Marc with a C (Donating all proceeds from digital sales)
MD Dunn
Melissa Dunphy
Merge Records (Making a donation to the ACLU matching 100% of proceeds from Bandcamp purchases)
Mexican Summer
Midnite Snaxxx
Minks Miracle Medicine
Mint Records
Miracle of Sound
Mirror Universe Tapes
Modern Huge
Mogi Grumbles
Mojave Nomads
Molly Bauckhman
Moniker Records
Mozart (Donating 100% of proceeds to Oakland Fire Relief)
Mythstery Records
National Tattler
Negative Fun Records
Negative Scanner (All weekend’s revenue will go to the Chicago Community Bond Fund)
Neil Gaiman
Nerd Ferguson
Nesh Complex
Night Orchid
NNA Tapes
No Sleep
Norwegian Arms
Not Normal Tapes (Donating all sales to No Mas Muertes)
Old Flame Records
Pelican (Donating all sales to Doctors Without Borders)
Perennial Death (Donating all sales to CAIR)
Pinegrove (Donating all sales to Southern Poverty Law Center)
Planet Creep
Porky’s Groove Machine
Post War Glamour Girls
Psychic Troubles Tapes
Quarter Tonality
Rafiq Bhatia
Rhythm Section Records
Riognach Robinson
Ripped From the Roots
River Whyless
Robot Needs Home
Robert M. Jones
Rock Plaza Central
Rock, Paper, Cynic
Roofhare (Will donate 100% of sales from their newest EP)
Run for Cover
Running Red Lights
RVNG Intl.
Saddle Creek (Making a donation to the Refugee Empowerment Center matching 100% of proceeds from Bandcamp purchases)
Sam Moss
Scientific American (Matching every “pay more” donation)
Screen Vinyl Image (Donating 100% all February to the ACLU)
Sean + Ur Not
Silver Torches
Sloth Hands
Slumberland Records
Socotra Soundscapes (All proceeds go to Solidarios Sin Fronteras, a Barcelona-based NGO working to rebuild homes and communities on Socotra after the main island was devastated by hurricanes)
Son Lux (All proceeds from “At War With Walls and Mazes” will be donated to the ACLU for the next four years)
Speedy Ortiz
Spencer Robinson
Split Feet
Still Here Records
Storm Clouds
Strand of Oaks
Sub Pop
Swoon Records (Will donate 10% of digital sales)
Tape Waves
Tax Brandywine
The Big Bend
The Big Ups
The Bryan Adams
The Envlps
The Fog Signals
The Foul English
The Riftshifters

The Smith Street Band
The Soft Pink Truth
The Sound of the Ladies
The Theta Girl
This is Hell
This Soil is Diseased (Donating $100 plus any other revenue to the ACLU)
Thrilling Living (All proceeds from Lemonade’s “Pink” EP will be donated to Standing Rock)
Tiff’s Joints
Tompkins Square
Tribal Realites
Tru Thoughts
Up & Go
Versus the World
War Records
Washer (Donating to the Council on Islamic Relations)
Weird At Last
Whimsically Macabre
Wild Wild Wets
William Selman
Willy Porter
Xiu Xiu (Donating 100% of revenue from Bandcamp sales for the next four years to the ACLU)
Zulu Panda

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