The Bandcamp app now supports queueing!

Queueing makes it easy to listen to multiple albums and tracks in your collection without interruption. Tap shuffle if you want some variety, and tap loop if you don’t want the music to end.

You can start a queue from your collection screen in the app (just tap-and-hold on the albums or tracks you want to add). 

Or, tap on the queue button on the album you’d like to add (you’ll find the queue button on albums and tracks in your collection just under the album cover).

To add a track, tap “…” next to the track in the tracklist. 

Once you’ve made a queue, you can edit it in the new queue view.

You can swipe to remove tracks you don’t want, or drag-and-drop to re-order them.

To get the latest Bandcamp app visit the Apple AppStore on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android-powered device.

One thought on “The Bandcamp app now supports queueing!

  1. re: bandcamp app
    The reason that I use Bandcamp is to be able to actually buy and download the music I like in the quality I like and store it on my own devices.
    I am not interested in streaming music—despite the fact that much of the time that I listen to music is in areas where wifi service is not available and phone service is spotty.
    Streaming music from another persons/corporation’s computer is idiotic, unnecessary and environmentally unsound.
    I would urge Bandcamp to encourage listeners to buy and store their own files of the music they choose instead of making the idea of streaming music seem viable. It isn’t.

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