30 thoughts on “The Motherflippin’ Stats Party, Part Deux

  1. I’d just like to say that it’s ridiculously refreshing to find an online music service and hoster that understands not only where the music industry needs to be headed (re. engaging with, and not attacking, the online sector [just take a browse through TechDirt’s blog to see!]), but are doing it in such an incredibly inventive and (hopefully) future-defining way.

    BandCamp is truely an amazing service, and I’d just like to say that the work you guys are doing is absolutely spot-on. I only discovered BC via the blog of the guy who did your Flash visualisations (incredible, by the way), and the more I dig into your service, the wider the smile on my face becomes. And you do it with such style, grace, and humour. Got my band on here within a few hours of reading up on BC. Fantastic.

  2. not to be an asshole: will there be an option to see the all-time plays/downloads?

    thanks bandcamp — once again!

  3. I promise you this. All my adult life strategizing how i would like to present my music to the world online I held a vision of a service/solution that did that. Bandcamp was that vision. You guys are just absolutely AWESOME! I have actually been rushing the recording process for my record since i stumbled on you guys a few months back and can’t wait to be the first platinum selling bandcamp artist…. *yeah right smirk* hehehe Well done guys. Well done indeed!

  4. Hahahaha – I like the ending! Bandcamp is all about using rich analytics to help reinvent… fadeout on string of web 2.0 blah-blah to something more amusing!

  5. If I wasn’t such a serious modern buttrock artist, I’d admit that I am mucho grateful for your service that is ever improving with each metrics tweak. Oh, how I might secretly love thee. My name is Wicked Celtics, Wicked C. if you’re nasty.

    Your videos rock me. Special kudos for the fadeout/video game/bandcamp artist fadein. Poetic.


  6. Guys, seriously, I’m impressed. I was recently debating between yours and SoundCloud’s widgets, but with all the features your team has introduced in the last monthe or two…you’ve swung me.


  7. Bandcamp is amazing…I’ve told so many people to move their bands there…I can’t think of any real improvements that are needed…

    -maybe an option for an “About the band” page – in case you don’t have an album but want to tell people about your background and other stuff.

    – the possibility of putting animated gifs as a header πŸ™‚

    Just an idea
    But Im happy as it is…

  8. The stats page is just SO… DAMNED… USEFUL.
    We’ve only just started here, and like the fella above, I was going crazy to finish the album JUST SO we could get it on here.

    Fantastic service, brilliantly conceived, and elegantly executed. Love ya Bandcamp πŸ™‚

  9. ayeYOOOOOO..dis site is exactly wat i need to help get me out..bigUPS to the lil weed smokin genius dat make this site happen..lol its a beatiful day to b alive liv it up cuz tamaro u jus mite not open yo eyes..iLLBiLL of theMOB signing out..

  10. Love the stats, but I’ve just one suggestion:

    The partial/skipped figures should be a *proportion* of the plays, rather than an absolute figure. That way I can safely tell which tracks people are skipping, without it being skewed just because one track has been featured somewhere and has a larger number of plays overall.

    By the way – what’s the difference between partial and skipped?


  11. Good suggestion. Maybe I’ll make the numbers above the bars cycle between off/absolute/percentage.

    When a track is played less than 10% of its total length that’s counted as a skip. A track has to be played to within the last 10% of its time to be counted as a complete play; otherwise it’s partial.

    P.S. As Ethan said back in March, all-time stats are absolutely coming shortly.

  12. Though this doesn’t have much to do with the video, I don’t know where else I could write feedback. Anyways, this is the service I’ve been looking for. I just released an EP and wanted to give it away for free in exchange for email addresses, but I didn’t have the infrastructure to put it in place. This showed up at the perfect time and does EXACTLY what I needed, and it’s so much easier than any other way I was planning on doing it. This is an incredible service, and I will do my best to spread the word.

  13. As of right now, I’m just in shock. I’ve never heard of actually letting users set their price on music they want to buy, giving a band their own site for free or anything like that. This site is absolutely gorgeous, totally user-friendly, and lets bands do their thing without having to worry about technicals.
    I know for sure that Bandcamp will become huge in the near future if the general public gets wind of this.

  14. I absolutely looove this, you guys are providing the answers to almost all of my questions. I know an artist releasing her first EP soon, I am sure she’ll be thrilled to know about this platform as a great way to expose her music. By the way, does BC allow for video upload as well?

  15. Great job! I love this site! i’m very impressed, and can’t thank you enough for this
    service. Happy to have my band on your site!
    I am also helping others put their music up here.
    Steve aka Collide

  16. I came close to getting ‘BandCamp’ tattooed on my arm. Anyways, this site is perfect but there is one thing I wish was available; I would love to have access to download stats for all time as opposed to only 60 days prior. This would be helpful for those tracks that I don’t require an email address for download.

    Keep up the great works guys, BCWax is genius!

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  18. Blown away by the awesomeness of your website lol. Just uploaded my first two tracks and actually having fun dong it!!!

    Thanks bandcamp

  19. Bandcamp is great, more sites like this are needed to give the power back to the artist. Do record labels even exist anymore? The thing I love about this site is it’s simplicity in connecting the artist to the fan with no bullshit in between. Any chance of being able to upload videos to the site too? Cheers

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