The Bandcamp app now supports playlists!

You can now use the Bandcamp app to make playlists from the music in your collection! Just go to your collection where you’ll see a new playlist tab. Tap on that, create a playlist, and start adding to it by selecting “add to playlist” from a track or album’s context menu, or via a longContinue reading “The Bandcamp app now supports playlists!”

We’ve improved search!

Good news, we’ve made some big improvements to searching on Bandcamp.  You can now search using combinations of artist, track, album, and label names. Try searching for an artist name + album name to find exactly what you’re looking for. New releases used to take several hours to show up in search. Now they appearContinue reading “We’ve improved search!”

Mary Lattimore on the livestream she likes the best

Los Angeles-based harpist Mary Lattimore released Silver Ladders, her full-length follow-up to acclaimed album Hundreds of Days, back in October 2020 during the first stage of the pandemic. Since there wasn’t the possibility of touring or playing live at the time, Mary decided to debut the songs on Bandcamp Live and was one of theContinue reading “Mary Lattimore on the livestream she likes the best”

Bandcamp Live Is Now Open to Everyone

Bandcamp Live is now available to all artists on Bandcamp. Go here to see it in action, learn more, and set up your first show. You can choose to make shows ticketed or free, and fans can support you during a show by purchasing something from the merch table, or by sending virtual gifts. WhatContinue reading “Bandcamp Live Is Now Open to Everyone”

Deerhoof on Their First Free Bandcamp Live Show

We were very excited (though not surprised) when Deerhoof became one of the first bands to set up a free Bandcamp Live show. “Throughout their 26 years of ‘keepin’ it boxy and harsh,’ Deerhoof has remained a model for resilience, resourcefulness, and reinvention—qualities that make sense now more than ever,” writes Sarah Gooding for BandcampContinue reading “Deerhoof on Their First Free Bandcamp Live Show”

Scanner on how livestreaming enables him to make more spontaneous creative choices

Scanner is an electronic musician who has composed for both film and contemporary dance. We asked him to share his experiences of using Bandcamp Live for Scanner Sundays, a live improvised performance and Q&A broadcast from his home studio.General admission was £5. As a bonus, subscribers to Scanner’s fan club received a discount plus aContinue reading “Scanner on how livestreaming enables him to make more spontaneous creative choices”

Dominique Fils-Aimé on watching her album launch with her fans

Singer-songwriter Dominique Fils-Aimé launched her new album on Bandcamp Live, so we asked her to tell us about how it felt and what she discovered about her fans as a community. “We did our live stream at the studio where I recorded the album. Being able to invite people into the environment where I createdContinue reading “Dominique Fils-Aimé on watching her album launch with her fans”

Children of Zeus on watching fans react to their new album

Children of Zeus, a hip-hop and soul group from Manchester, recently hosted their album release on Bandcamp Live. It was live streamed from a warehouse and gave fans the chance to hear the new record before it was released. “As it was an album launch performing new music for the first time, the chat roomContinue reading “Children of Zeus on watching fans react to their new album”