Deerhoof on Their First Free Bandcamp Live Show

We were very excited (though not surprised) when Deerhoof became one of the first bands to set up a free Bandcamp Live show. “Throughout their 26 years of ‘keepin’ it boxy and harsh,’ Deerhoof has remained a model for resilience, resourcefulness, and reinvention—qualities that make sense now more than ever,” writes Sarah Gooding for BandcampContinue reading “Deerhoof on Their First Free Bandcamp Live Show”

Scanner on how livestreaming enables him to make more spontaneous creative choices

Scanner is an electronic musician who has composed for both film and contemporary dance. We asked him to share his experiences of using Bandcamp Live for Scanner Sundays, a live improvised performance and Q&A broadcast from his home studio.General admission was £5. As a bonus, subscribers to Scanner’s fan club received a discount plus aContinue reading “Scanner on how livestreaming enables him to make more spontaneous creative choices”

Dominique Fils-Aimé on watching her album launch with her fans

Singer-songwriter Dominique Fils-Aimé launched her new album on Bandcamp Live, so we asked her to tell us about how it felt and what she discovered about her fans as a community. “We did our live stream at the studio where I recorded the album. Being able to invite people into the environment where I createdContinue reading “Dominique Fils-Aimé on watching her album launch with her fans”

Children of Zeus on watching fans react to their new album

Children of Zeus, a hip-hop and soul group from Manchester, recently hosted their album release on Bandcamp Live. It was live streamed from a warehouse and gave fans the chance to hear the new record before it was released. “As it was an album launch performing new music for the first time, the chat roomContinue reading “Children of Zeus on watching fans react to their new album”

Ticketed Live Streaming Comes to Bandcamp

Today we’re announcing Bandcamp Live, a new ticketed live streaming service that makes it easy for artists to perform for and connect with their fans, and for fans to directly support the artists they love. Bandcamp Live is simple to set up, even if you’ve never streamed before, and is fully integrated with the restContinue reading “Ticketed Live Streaming Comes to Bandcamp”

New messaging features up!

Wahay! We’ve just taken the messaging functionality from the Bandcamp Artist App, brought it to desktop, and added a few other goodies that make it easier than ever to keep in touch with your fans. Just head over to the new Community tab to compose and send your message. Your followers will receive it onContinue reading “New messaging features up!”

The new Artist Dashboard

We recently launched a new artist dashboard, which brings together data, tips, and tools to help you promote your music and achieve success on Bandcamp. Log in to your artist account to see your dashboard. You’ll see an activity feed, graphs of your latest plays and sales and, for the first time on desktop, howContinue reading “The new Artist Dashboard”

Create Vinyl with Bandcamp

Sales of vinyl records on Bandcamp have grown 600% in the last five years, and every month another 3,500 unique vinyl albums are added to the site. The format’s resurgence—once dismissed as a niche byproduct of hipster affectation—is now firmly established, and seen for what it truly represents: a mainstream desire to connect more deeplyContinue reading “Create Vinyl with Bandcamp”

An Update on Today’s Fundraiser for the Voting Rights Project

With seven hours still remaining in our fundraiser for the Voting Rights Project, we wanted to pause to thank everyone who stood with Bandcamp to help ensure the right to a safe, fair vote for all—with no obstacles, hassles, or threat of intimidation. The live sales feed on Bandcamp’s home page, at around noon today. WeContinue reading “An Update on Today’s Fundraiser for the Voting Rights Project”