Congratulations to our friend and former colleague, Andy Baio, who announced today that he’s the new CTO of Kickstarter! For those not already apprised of its awesomeness, Kickstarter gives musicians (and filmmakers, artists, designers and every other kind of creator) a simple way to raise money. You think up a project, set your fundraising goal, establish different reward levels for donors, and if your goal is met within the time you specify, the money is collected and your dreams are fulfilled. Of course, it’s up to you to tap into your fan base to make those donations happen, but Kickstarter handles the rest, and it’s a formula that’s working remarkably well. Allison Weiss recently tripled her goal of raising $2000 to press her new EP. The Language Room raised more than $10,000 to buy a tour bus. And April Smith has raised more than $6000 to help make her next record. In addition to reading the stories of each project’s progress, it’s fun to just browse the various reward levels people have come up with (“we will paint your name on the roof of the RV so that God always knows that you helped us,” “Todd will wear a shirt with your name on it on stage,” “I will perform the song I wrote for you on YouTube and kiss a photo of you while proclaiming your greatness to the world,” etc.).*

So, fund your next record using Kickstarter, and unleash it upon the world using Bandcamp — seems like a pretty natural combination to us. Kickstarter is still in private beta, which means that while anyone can back projects, you’ll need an invite in order to create your own. To get yours, email us, or leave a comment with your project idea and we’ll gladly hook you up. Looking forward to seeing the results!

*If one of your reward levels is putting a fan in your next music video, please try to do better than the 15 second mark here (we were only 12 years old, but our hearts bled for you Bridget).

26 thoughts on “Kickstarter

  1. It’s a bloody good idea. We did exactly this to make the CD version of our album (which is right here on Bandcamp, of course ;)) – we recorded and engineered it ourselves, got fans to advance purchase it in return for a thank you in the sleeve notes (and at a bargain price), and made enough money to produce twice as many copies than we originally planned.

    I think many unsigned/small bands would be surprised at the amount of support fans will offer for their hard work, especially if they feel like they’re a part of what you’re doing.

  2. Hi Ethan —

    Yancey from Kickstarter here. Just wanted to express our love for Bandcamp as well. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. would love to use Kickstarter to help fund my band’s EP…which we’d obviously use bandcamp to sell and promote…got invite??

  4. awesome project – would love to use this to fund a purchase of a roland tr808 for live shows and leave the laptop behind

  5. I’d love to use kickstarter to fund my first physical release, but maybe I need more of a fan base first….

    would be awesome to give it a go though..

  6. Hey Seams —

    International support is in the works. Our transactions are handled by Amazon Payments, which is currently US-only to accept funds. Amazon is expanding internationally for this specific purpose. It will happen — we just can’t say exactly when yet.

    Thanks for checking us out!


  7. Really want to play with this, but need to wait for the project after the next one for it to be useful… hopefully it’ll still be free (or cheap) at that point…

  8. I have despratley been trying to find an invite to Kickstarter!

    I’m trying to raise money to release an EP! I have the thing recorded but I dont have the funds to get it pressed up quite yet. :/

  9. I’d love to use kickstarter to help finance the physical (CD, LP) versions of our record! We are definitely using Bandcamp to sell the Digi versions.

    BTW, I personally LOVE the fact that you guys facilitate the sale of “hi-res” versions. I think that this will definitely catch on more & more as hard disc space continues to grow (& drop in price).

  10. Hey guys,

    thanks for your endeavors, we really appreciate, we consider using kickstarter to release a really special packaged EP for our fan core.

    Also any idea when you plan to allow labels account?

    Thanks so much for your great services.

  11. Ooooo!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

    I’m working on releasing my first full length album, and I’ve paid for the recording out of pocket. The thought of being able to raise money for duplication instead of living off of ramen for the next two years in order to fund it is awefully appealing!

  12. Amazing concept! We’d love to try kickstarter for our upcoming CD project, if nothing else than to help fund getting it mastered and duped. Can we get an invite? Thanks so much, BC

  13. I feel like there might be a full documentary in following Bridget from the moment she entered the contest until today. I am sure that was a transformative moment for her. I would pay to see it.

  14. I am so ready to tap into the goodness that is Kickstarter. It has been far too long since my last official release, and in part because I lacked the means to finance it.

    Love to read about these kinds of paradigm shifting ideas and the success of other artists making use of them!


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