5 thoughts on “How to Make More Money from Bandcamp

    1. Some examples from the last few hours of sales:

      “Limited Edition Compact Disc”: http://music.botched.com/album/metamesmeric
      “Portal Pre-Order – Limited Edition 6-Panel Digipak CD”: http://atomicskunk.bandcamp.com/album/portal
      “CD Digipak”: http://samamidon.bandcamp.com/album/i-see-the-sign
      “CD + Download Package”: http://eliasiscariot.bandcamp.com/album/i-knew-you-before-you-were-rich-promo-single
      “Compact Disc”: http://aggerbaek.bandcamp.com/album/back-in-town

  1. I’m not sure if this has been discussed or considered before but why doesn’t bandcamp.com have some kind of radio station that plays artists’ music?

    I can guarantee that if this option was available for users, you’d see a spike in purchases. The only way I can listen is if I click on the genre then listen to one artist’s album at a time.

    Why not let the user select a genre they’re into then stream songs from various artists from that genre (that have elected to allow their music to be played this way) so that us users can get some exposure to new artists?

    This added functionality would allow users like myself to passively listen to indie artists that I otherwise would have never found.

    Obviously, there will be songs that I end up listening to that I think are awesome, which ends up with me purchasing the album = more money for artists.

    Just a thought.

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