Full Tracklist Players, Facebook Love

By extremely popular demand, you can now go to any album page, click Share, and choose from a few different types of full tracklist embedded players. Like all our players, they’re clean, free of any Bandcamp branding, and streamlined for music listening and purchasing. Here, for example, is grande-with-tracklist (cover art is optional):

And here’s tall-with-tracklist:

We also recently introduced the ability to embed players into Facebook.* You can do so via the Share menu on Bandcamp, or just paste a track or album URL directly onto anyone’s wall or in your status on Facebook:

Shortly after Facebook embedding launched, one customer wrote on his blog: “I had such a good experience today purchasing some music that I thought I should share the user journey.” The full post, modestly titled “Saving an industry with better user experience,” nicely expresses the appreciation a fan feels when presented with a no-nonsense system for music discovery, listening and purchase. Glad to hear it Ben!

*You probably won’t be shocked to learn that 18 months ago, the number of fans sharing from Bandcamp to Facebook was dead-even with MySpace, whereas today, fan sharing to Facebook outnumbers MySpace 10 to 1.

46 thoughts on “Full Tracklist Players, Facebook Love

  1. I just tried posting one of my albums to my facebook news feed and it posted ok – however, when you click the play button the player simply disappears. May be my technical incompetence, but maybe not??

  2. Awesome! However, it will not post to Facebook and shows up as an error link. This is pasting the code from the “other” selection in the share menu. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Marcus, choose “Facebook” from the Share menu. You can also just copy the URL of any track, album or artist and paste that onto anyone’s wall (or in your status).

  3. I’m just getting the plain old link to the album page when I try it. Is it specific to certain browsers, like it might not work with Chrome?

  4. I’m still not getting the share options…same as it was before! I’m using Firefox and also tried in Safari… Any help?

  5. These are great. I’d like to see a “Tall w/no album art option” that can be pasted into my official website pages, where I already have a larger image of the album art. It looks funny to have the image twice on the same page. Or is there a class we can target in CSS to force-hide it?

    I know…picky, picky. Keep up the great work.

  6. I just noticed that whenever I pasted a specific song, it acted like I pasted the entire album (The song selection is clean and nice lookin though!)

    I just copied the song’s URL. Did I do something wrong? Or is it always meant to be the entire album? Thanks so much!

  7. @Slaughterback: MySpace has recently made some drastic changes to the content that they allow to be embedded, which basically totally hoses the way we do our players. We’re looking into solutions. We’ll update the blog post when we figure something out.

    @Ry: To see the new player designs, go to Share -> Other (or many other options) to get a code that you embed on your blog, website, etc. If you choose Facebook, you do just get the URL to the album/track page, because that’s what you need to paste into your facebook post to get an embedded player. We’re still pondering how to make the plethora of player sizes available to Facebook.

    @Testube: You’ll be pleased to know that we anticipated your request and I’ll soon be posting some details on how you (yes you) can arrange the parts of the embedded player however you want, including eliminating some (like the artwork) entirely. Want to taunt your fans with no play button? Want to swap Next and Previous just to be k-razy? Want to make the text HUGE? This can all be arranged.

  8. Neal, as always, thanks for listening *and* reacting. Sounds like this will make the player so much more robust. Keep up the great work with BC!

  9. When I paste the link to my album I just get the link. No embed player. I did exactly the same to Into The Trees, by Zoe Keating and it works well. What is going on here?

  10. i cant view the player when i try to put the link up on facebook…does this work on a mac?

  11. I though the existing players had gotten an update; lo and behold. Looks nice.

    But have the original players lost their track times? By tracks all seem to be 00:00 now on the original venti scrolling tracklist. I’ll try and re-insert them and see if that helps.

  12. This is great, player is nice and clean. I love how you can blast it out to all your fans, and they can purchase the music right off of facebook.

    However! I don’t like how it is just a wall post that can get lost after several days. Why can’t we get a Bandcamp App that’ll work the same as this?

  13. @Jeremy, @Lenny: Yes, Facebook sharing doesn’t yet have all the options as the other players, but it’s not the same old, same old: until recently, all you could share on Facebook was a link back to your track or album. We understand the desire for MORE MORE MORE, of course, and will continue to make things even more awesome.

    @esaruoho: it is possible you are reading my mind.

    @Yianni: we don’t support transparent players. The best you can do at the moment is pick a background color that goes well with your site.

    @Andreas: yes, we support WordPress. Just choose the appropriate flavor (wordpress.com or wordpress.org) from the Share menu.

    @Chris, @Jonathan, I’ll be contacting you both to talk about your issues. They sound like bugs that I’d like to get to fixing right away.

    If anyone else has a player support issue that I’ve missed, please email support@bandcamp.com and we’ll get you figured out.

  14. great work. Really like Bandcamp.

    From a listener perspective it would be great to have an listener account.

    Actually there is only the artist registration form.

    I really would love to follow artists and other listeners.

  15. Hi,
    Just wondering if these embeds will work with iphones and ipads? I’m hoping to sell music from my wordpress based site using these awesome embeds. cheers!

  16. Works perfectly for me… will definitely be spreading the word. Many thanks to the team that made this functionality happen.

  17. @JJ, we’re working on some new hotness that will make this work on iphones and ipads too. No promises on a date yet, but it’s coming.

  18. This is great πŸ™‚ We’re now using these players as the basis for our label shop … one thing though… the “Buy” link on the player always goes straight to buying the download, even if a physical version is available. If someone clicks through from the embedded player ‘cos they want to buy the limited edition handmade cassette (or whatever), they have to close the pop-up box themselves and then click the link on the page to buy the physical object. Perhaps an option to include “Buy Download” and “Buy Physical” links on the embedded player might be handy?
    Just a thought. x

  19. Hey Dan. Yeah, that’s a little weird, isn’t it? We’ll get that fixed so it does the right thing when the download isn’t the only thing for sale or isn’t for sale at all. Thanks for the feedback!

  20. While I do appreciate these embeddable players and absolutely give BC another A++++ for effort, some things unfortunately still fall short and should be addressed so that more of us “picky” types can fully utilize them.

    1. Because of the default set widths, long song titles get cut off – which looks awful. Users should have full control over the height & width of whichever player style they choose so that they can properly incorporate them into their websites.

    2. It would be nice if we had the choice of whether or not we want to display the band or albums names in these players since it can (and does) look a little redundant when they’re placed next to a release that already has a title section.

    3. It would be REALLY cool if we had a checkbox option of whether or not we want all of our releases to be shared. For example, we might want to embed the players on our websites or networking sites, but don’t necessarily want 300 other people all doing it as well since it essentially just becomes free streaming with no need or obligation to ever buy. Obviously that is an unlikely scenario, but it IS a possibility nonetheless and could easily be remedied in our control panel options.

    I have more suggestions/critiques/etc, but those three should cover it for now. Bandcamp is absolutely 95% perfect in the way it operates and offers services, but there are still a few very necessary (and extremely easy) tweaks that could/should be made to make it a near perfect service.

    Fingers crossed you’re reading πŸ™‚

  21. I agree with Chris’ assessment that Bandcamp is 95% awesome. In fact, I may even push that number as high as 98%. However, I also agree with his first criticism, about how long song and album titles get cut off in embedded players. That’s pretty bootleg, especially since even the new player embeds cut off my latest album title mid-word.

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