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  1. Thanks, Zachary. Currently, the plays will show up just as they do from your regular Bandcamp pages, but we may break Facebook stats out separately in the future.

  2. This would be super great only if you could choose what release to have in Facebook. It is real downer to have the latest release when your latest release is single and your main release is album with merch sale.

    Only way to get the album to show up in BC FB is to delete the release and create it again so BC thinks it’s the latest release. Then you have to repeat it every time you put single/ep to BC.

    It sucks!

    1. Prepare for unsucking Frankie! Go to your profile on Bandcamp, and in the section titled “discography” choose “custom order.” Then drag and drop your releases into the order you like, and whichever release you place at the top will be what your Facebook (and Bandcamp) pages default to. Enjoy!

  3. We do a lot of Facebook promo, so this is a big draw. Very cool! Now if you guys could get label-level logins and reports going, I could put more of our artists on Bandcamp without increasing our monthly accounting work 20-fold. Please. 🙂

  4. I have a FB page which is a banner/label page for several projects in which I am a member. Each of these projects has a separate Bandcamp page. With this app I can only link one of my projects’ Bandcamp pages to my FB page. This, obviously, is a problem.

    The perfect solution is if I can have multiple projects/Bandcamp pages linked to one FB page, for example instead of the “Music” tab which sits on the left hand side of my FB page, I could have the name of several projects, eg “Project1″, Project2” etc all in that column, then the project names would each display their individual Bandcamp pages when selected. This would be an incredibly elegant solution and would be perfect for any FB label page as they can list their artists in the left column and then individually have these bring up all of the artists’ BC pages within FB – PERFECT!

  5. rad! i think next on my wish list would be a way to do full catalog embeds, as opposed to doing them individually by album or by song…

    thanks for everything, you guys are awesome!!

  6. Q:I’ve customized the design of my Bandcamp site, but I don’t see those customizations on Facebook. Why?
    A:Custom designs are great when they’re able to really define the look of your entire page, but with all the controls and advertising surrounding the already compact Facebook tab, those customizations just don’t work as well.

    Me: I read this in Q&A section, and have to take issue with it. Facebook’s stark white page with it’s cold blue/grey corporate look is fine for a software company or Sears/Roebuck. But it’s not good for selling music. The top used music platforms for FB all have and allow color to be added and changed in the body and some in the text also. Since an FB platform is in a real sense a mini website, it needs to have color to draw and hold the attention of viewers/buyers, and differentiate it from the bright cold background of FB. I’m a Bandcamp fan from way back and use your players even on my website because they are better than anything on the market, blend in with my colors, and take my buyers right to my BC main site page where I sell most of my music, which is also designed to mimic my website colors so it looks to the viewer that BC is another page of my site. The color design is part of my “logo/brand.” I was hoping the FB platform would do the same. As it is it just blends in with Facebook. It mystifies me because you guys are the best programmers, coders, and designers, in this on-line music sales business. I know you can easily do the code to allow colors. I am wondering why you aren’t, and the answer given up top here just doesn’t hold water. A bit disappointing, though I still love using Bandcamp.

  7. Great app and great work, Bandcamp! Sorry for offtopic,but I have a question if there is any chance to enlarge header height limit? Make it 500/600 px high? 180px is just too small. Thanks.

  8. @Neal: Awesome! Thanks for the response. I would definitely like to see Facebook plays as a separate category, if you’re keeping a tally. Anything that helps me escape my indentured servitude quicker.

  9. Thank you! Easy to use, instructions that were up to date and made sense…this is why I love Bandcamp. It’s a shame that Facebook itself can’t be this good.

  10. When will this feature come for MySpace?
    Ok, I am joking – but I don’t like how Facebook is taking over everything and every webservice worship them.
    I don’t like when bands use this (facebook) closed system to announce dates and other special stuff. And even if it may be a nice tool for the people who use facebook and bandcamp – it puts again too much focus on fb.
    Please stay independent. And bands should not rely on third-party services only!
    Facebook is the next MySpace and you all know where MySpace now plays…

  11. My Space is about to be resurrected into something different from the lame vanity site it has been. I tried it several years ago and even then felt it was useless and I withdrew. I agree about what is happening with Facebook and especially Zuckerberg’s fiasco that is being launched into Facebook. But facebook like it or not is one of today’s biggest marketing venue’s and necessary for musicians to have a presence. But Google is launching their Google music soon, and some kind of interface will happen with Google+ which all musicians should get on and begin to take advantage of now. Alot of people are not happy with the new FB makeover and are defecting to Google+. FB has lost 5% of it’s US users since mid-August when the makeover was first announced. (*% in Canada.) I am hoping that Bandcamp has some sort of presence on Google. As it is their beautiful players that we can share on FB and elsewhere do not appear on the main pages of Google with the CD cover and player ready to go. Only the blue copied code text shows up, very ugly with no graphic, and when you click it a blank white page opens with the player stuck way up in the left corner. I don’t know why BC doesn’t work on Google, but I hope they clear it up. Google is on the way in to competing heavily with Facebook’s demographic without the FB crap. Google is watching and learning from Zuckerberg’s former and upcoming mistakes, and hopefiully will morph into something real.

  12. Ever developing feature list! Great stuff from bandcamp! you guys are still, by the far the most awesome place for musicians out there. you do realize, though, that eventually you’ll have to let us integrate Google Analytics? or is there a way to do that that i missed!

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