Staff Picks

We’ve got a new staff picks section on the home page, you can check it out here. It’s updated daily with favorites from the Bandcamp crew, and covers a seriously wide range of musical taste. The now-retired Album of the Week was a good start, but we wanted to feature more music, and everyone here was itching to share their own selections. The whole thing is powered by Twitter, so if you don’t feel like checking the home page every day you can simply follow @bcstaffpicks.

One thought on “Staff Picks

  1. I just discovered this wonderful website and I am very excited to delve in and discover all sorts of new bands! However, as an avid listener (and not a performer) I would LOVE to see this site expand to give listeners the opportunity to browse music easier. The Top Selling section is helpful and gives me some sort of a base, but that is my only way to find music directly off the site. I would love to see something similar to LaLa. Anyways, this is great too, keep it up!

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