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One of our most frequent feature requests is for a standalone merch section, so you can list t-shirts, posters and so on, independently of albums. Plenty of you have done clever things to work around this deficiency, creating, for example, one-track “albums” titled “t-shirt,” or painstakingly adding dozens of merch items to whatever is your latest release. Ridiculous, we know, and we’ve been eager to do something about it forever. So today we’re launching the merch page, a dedicated section of your Bandcamp site that allows you to present your merch side-by-side with your music, all in a single, beautiful, unified storefront. It’s easily customizable, integrates with the same great shopping cart, and you can even bundle any of your tracks or albums with any of your merch items. Want to give fans your latest single when they buy your new hoodie? Include an album with one of your posters? Doing so is trivial. Here’s how it works:

Up at the top of your Bandcamp site there’s a new command, “add merch”:

add merch menu item

Clicking that launches the merch editor, where you describe the item, set its pricing, add images, and if you like, pick a track or album to bundle with it:

include the download of an album or track with merch

Items are added to your spiffy new merch page, where you can drag and drop things around however you like (if you have existing merch, you’ll notice it’s already there too):

moving merch items around

Clicking any merch item navigates to its page, where your fans see the full description and can view more images:

merch item page

The new navigation bar, located just beneath your header, lets fans move between your music and merch sections. You can easily modify the bar’s colors from the design dialog, or edit it to change the link text or hide it entirely:

navigation bar with edit link

If you already have your site navigation in your custom header (using an image map), just hide the navigation bar and use to link to your merch section, and to link to your music:

custom music and merch links in banner with navbar hidden

And that’s about it. While many of you are now thinking “Awesome, finally!,” we suspect some may be wondering why you’d put your merch up on Bandcamp. There is, after all, a 10% revenue share, and perhaps you’ve got your merch on another storefront already. The simple answer is that you’ll earn more money. Here’s why.

A few questions we anticipate you may still have:

I already have a bunch of posters, buttons, and t-shirts on my album pages. What should I do?
They’re already on your merch page too. You can leave them on your album page, or you can remove them by editing the album and clicking “detach” next to the merch item.

I’m one of the people who made one-track albums for my posters and t-shirts, what should I do?
Double-check that the item is on your merch page, and go ahead and delete the album.

How does this work for music-related merch, like vinyl, CDs and cassettes?
We automatically show your vinyl, CDs and other music merch on both your merch page and the page of their associated albums. If someone clicks your vinyl from the merch page, that will take them right to its album page.

I don’t see my merch section.
That means that you either don’t have any merch yet, or that all your merch is music-related (e.g., vinyl, CD, etc.) and on a single album (in which case we display it on that album’s page).

I want another picture.
We can do no better than The Oatmeal.

Thanks, be sure to check out your Bandcamp site, verify that everything is dialed in how you like it, and drop us a note in the comments if you have any questions.

Update: Ben cooked up a little tutorial, check it out here:

36 thoughts on “Merch!

  1. Oh, Bandcamp, you are amazing. Even the new nav bar is customisable and integrable with our custom headers. I just… love you. Looking forward to getting stuck in to customising this properly over the next few days.

  2. This looks so cool! Thank you bandcamp for constantly improving something that is already great. Now I only need to come up with some ideas for merch to offer besides my CD.

  3. This is great news! The checkout process on some other sites is an absolute nightmare. Just wanted to ask though – does this mean that Bandcamp will actually produce the merch to order, or will we still have to send it ourselves when an order is placed?

  4. There are some issues.

    1) If you have a private album with Merch associated with it, that merch is now public.

    Which leads into…

    2) Merch you want associated with a download of a private album… Private or Draft albums are not available from the drop down to choose from. That said, you can’t update the merch settings to Private since you can’t select the corresponding Album (I suppose you could pick something at random, but that’s not a fix).


    1. > If you have a private album with Merch associated with it, that merch is now public.

      Thanks for catching that Robert, it’s now fixed.

      We’re not quite following your second point, will follow up via email.

  5. So now that you offer a drag and drop feature in the merchandise storefront when will you offer a similar feature in the music storefront?

  6. Great! One question though – can’t I add more than one option field? For instance, so that Option #1 would be “shirt size” and Option #2 would be “color”?

    1. Hi Nadav, the way most artists do it is by making options like “Black/Large,” “Black/Medium,” “White/Large,” “White/Medium,” and so on. It takes a few more minutes to set up, but it keeps the UI super simple for fans, and also avoids some complex inventory issues for you.

  7. Unfortunately we have two albums that we can only sell on CD due to rights issues.

    But the Merch section does not allow me to add a CD without tying it to an already existing downloadable digital album.

    Any chance this restriction could be lifted?


  8. This is AWESOME guys, kudos!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Can you allow us to customize the name from “Merch”. I HATE that term and it makes everyone sound like a cookie cutter heavy metal band.

    Even so, this is radical. Thanks you.



    1. Hey Chris, you can customize the link text by choosing “edit navigation bar” over on the right. If you’re talking about also changing the “/merch” portion of the url, that’s not possible, but something we’ll consider.

  9. I think it would be cool to have ability to embed video on bandcamp.

    I don’t know… maybe you thought of it already… it just seems that it might make the page a little more “sticky”.

    But at any rate, I love your new enhancements! Thanks a lot!

  10. Looks great, does it allow for downloadable merch eg ebooks or video please? That would be really useful, especially as the upload and delivery functionality would probably be largely the same as the existing functionality for extras with albums 🙂

  11. Hey guys, this is excellent.

    One thing:

    I have a shirt, it’s just my generic “band” shirt… I would really like to include an album download with the shirt, with one hitch: I’d like them to be able to choose which album they get…. any plans to make this possible?

  12. Just in time! I was thinking of how to giveaway free downloads with merch purchase for an upcoming mixtape project, and BOOM! Bandcamp leads the way. Thanks guys!

  13. Hey, thanks for this! I have a friend who would love to use this for selling PDFs of his Sheet Music… I know this probably isn’t a high demand, but I do know at least one guy that would love it 🙂

    Thanks again.

  14. I agree with Alun Vauggan & michaelkostal, downloadable merch (like PDFs of sheet music) would be wonderful!
    It would also be great to make the album download optional even if the merch is linked to the album.

  15. Hi guys, love the merch section BUT is there a way now or in the future that will allow us to DUPLICATE a merch entry so if we want to make variations on similar items with different prices, add ons, etc, that we can just essentially copy+paste an existing merch entry and slightly adjust as opposed to entering it ALL again. OR perhaps introduce greater control in the merch section that allows for price variations, post options like express and tracking prices. Thanks. Keep being awesome.

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