Manage Multiple Artists from a Single Account

You can now easily switch between all your artists on Bandcamp without the hassle of repeatedly logging in and out. First, make sure you’re in whichever account you plan on logging in with from now on. Then open up your artist menu and select  “add more artists”:

add artist


Enter the name and password of the artist(s) you want to add:

artist pane

Those bands are added to the artists pane of your settings page, above, where you can quickly jump between their sites (and profile, tools and stats pages).


You can also navigate between them from the artists menu:

artist menu


A couple of notes:

The new gear icon gear icon in the upper right is how you get back to your settings page, where you manage your artists, change your email and password, and do other account-level things.

If you’re running a small label where you manage all your artists, but the artists themselves have access to their individual accounts, that will continue to work just fine. Add the artists to your account as described above — the individual logins will not be affected.

This is only the first step in making it easier to work with multiple artists on Bandcamp. You can probably guess steps two through five. We’re working on them!

41 thoughts on “Manage Multiple Artists from a Single Account

  1. Hi,

    I think i’ve been waiting for that (and the promised more to come) for years. You eventually did it!! This will save my day, since navigating through nearly ten different profiles with repetitive log-in / log-out was really painful.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Unified monthly sales report? Or is that one of the upcoming steps? Glad to see some action here, either way!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Highly anticipating “steps 2-5”
    Especially whichever one helps me with accounting to multiple songwriters!!!

    You guys kick serious butt!

  4. How will this affect us if one account is a “Pro” account and the other one is not? Is it better to merge these under the Pro account’s name?

    1. Hi Alec, there’s no relation to Pro status, so merge under whatever account you like. Pro features still apply to whichever accounts you’ve upgraded, and only those accounts.

  5. Great, that makes it so much easier!

    I still miss some of the features of the old players like changeable background, simple small arrow…

    Thank you!

  6. This is a great help – I’m glad to see that BC has not forgotten those of us who have not yet decided to go Pro (or can’t afford it). Thank you very much indeed. I’m interested to see what the next steps will be.

  7. Reblogged this on Sterry and commented:
    So glad that bandcamp have released this new feature! I currently manage about three different bandcamp profiles, so I’m really glad that I’ll finally be able to access them all without having to repeatedly log in and out.

  8. As a manager of multiple artists do i need to set up a parent account so to speak that i log into to oversee my artists accounts?

  9. Hi Matthew, our advice for labels is to have a separate band account for the label (for samplers, etc.) and individual band accounts for each artist. Then use this to link them to the label account.

    Also, a lot of artists who are in a few bands are also finding this useful — they’re just linking those other bands to their main band account. It’s not necessary to create a new account.

  10. Finally, thank you. Now if you could just make it so one doesn’t need to create separate accounts for each band. In other words I want to be to just have one account but I wish the downloads would have the Artist name in the .zip file name instead of the Label name. All of our acts right now are us, so don’t need to limit other artists access or anything like that.

  11. What about allowances for offering free downloads, are they now lumped together? or – more likely if the pro features stay with each account as you say – does each account still get the same allowances?

  12. That is one great feature !

    I wasn’t even daring to hope for such a life-simplifying leap, and now I’m having it anyway.

    Thanks, Bandcamp.

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