Your Merch is on Its Way


Selling merch on Bandcamp? You now have the option to automatically email the buyer when you ship out their item. Just head over to your /merch_orders page, check “Email buyer when item is marked as shipped,” and that’s that. There’s also an option to add a custom message, in case you’d like to include a tracking number, or just send a little love back the fan’s way.

3 thoughts on “Your Merch is on Its Way

  1. Love the concept of the shipping notifications but where on earth is the Merch_orders page on my site? Can you send me a link to it please?
    I’ve looked everwhere and it doesn’t seem to be there.

    1. Hi GR, in the artist menu in the upper right of your site, you’ll see an item that says “tools”. Click that, and in the section labeled “sales” click on “manage physical orders” (we also include a direct link to this page in the receipt that we send you when you sell a physical item).

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