Bandcamp App, Now with Music Feed!

Bandcamp App, Music Feed

The music feed is now in the Bandcamp app, and mmff, very exciting time!  For those who haven’t already experienced it on desktop, the feed is a great way to discover new music by following fans whose tastes overlap your own. It shows you the activity of all the fans and artists you follow, and lets you listen to their picks and new releases instantly. You’ll see when someone you follow buys an album, and you can listen to their favorite track and see what they had to say about it. We’ll show you when someone new starts following you and let you explore their collection. And we’ll even give you a heads up when someone you don’t follow buys one of your more niche records, because clearly that’s a person with exceptional taste whose collection you’ll want to check out too.

If you’ve already visited your feed on desktop, prepare to be stupefied all over again, for on mobile tracks play back to back, you can explore suggested fans’ collections right inline, and THE WHOLE THING NOW FITS IN YOUR POCKET AND/OR FANNY PACK.
It’s essentially a personalized radio station programmed exclusively by the people whose tastes you respect enough to follow.

Bandcamp App, Music Feed too

Before you even ask:

Why aren’t there Buy buttons in the iOS version? Because Apple won’t allow it. However, you can tap the wishlist button instead, and we’ll periodically email you a digest of your recently wishlisted items, along with direct links to buy them. Android, for what it’s worth, has Buy buttons right in the app.

Do I need a fan account? Yes, details here.

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  1. So cool. I was wondering how you guys were gonna go about expanding the app for discovery purposes, and this is a great choice. Keeping discovery organic & personal, focused on content you’re most likely to love.

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