App update: browse by genre, location, and format

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You can now browse Bandcamp’s catalog of 1.8 million albums and 14 million tracks by any genre imaginable, and filter by format and artist location, right from the app. Portland chillwave on cassette? Pfft, you know it! Surf from Madrid on vinyl?! We’re as surprised as you!


The appicon-format lets you filter by artist location…


…and the appicon-format filters results by format.

In the likely event that you are now hyperventilating, please grab a paper bag and have a seat, because you can also follow any such browsing criteria, letting you channel all new beat tapes from Montreal (for example) straight into your music feed:


Tap “follow” at the top of Discover results…


…and whenever there are new suggestions matching your search, they’ll appear in your feed.

To demonstrate the stupefying power of these new crate digging capabilities, we dove into the latest hip hop, electronic, soul and indie coming out of Oakland, California, and compiled the result into our first ever Bandcamp City Guide. Pressed onto 12″ vinyl with a gorgeous gatefold jacket illustrated by Oliver Barrett, the comp features 11 previously unreleased/exclusive tracks from bands we love emanating from the other City by the Bay, plus tips from the artists themselves about their favorite dive bars, record stores, venues, and restaurants. Pick up your copy here, and listen to the whole thing below:

14 thoughts on “App update: browse by genre, location, and format

    1. Hi Antonio, a tablet-optimized version of the Bandcamp app is on our to-do, but you can use the iPhone version on your iPad right now. Go to the app store, search for Bandcamp, and in the upper left you’ll see “iPad Only.” Tap that, and switch it to “iPhone Only.”

  1. This is awesome! Also can we have the ability to stream multiple tracks and play them? I often like to play a load of individual records one after the other and then when I hear one I like I buy it. At the moment I can only play one record at a time and I often get bored of clicking the next one each time.

  2. Love this, thanks. Is there a way to see the collections of people in your city. I would loveto find someone in my city with a similar taste.

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