Big Improvements to Selling Merch on Bandcamp

Merch on Bandcamp

Merch on Bandcamp had a good 2016. Vinyl sales grew 48%, cassettes were up 58%, even CD sales grew 14%. To date, fans have bought over four million physical items through the site, totaling $58 million USD, and merch sales continue to accelerate every year. But for as many great reasons to sell merch through Bandcamp as there already are, we know there’s still lots of room for improvement. Artists and labels need a lot more control and a lot more flexibility, and so today we’re launching several new features to address those needs.

First up, from the merch editor you can now add any number of countries as shipping destinations, set individual shipping rates for each one, and save those out as defaults that you can also apply across multiple products:

add countries and save as default.gif

If you’re sending goods out from more than one location, you can also now set up multiple shipping origins from your Profile page, and choose to charge taxes in more than one place:

set up multiple shipping origins

Once multiple origins are set, you can set individual rates and inventory for those origins, and we’ll automatically route orders to the appropriate origin based on the buyer’s location:

merch editor with multiple origins

(If you’re working with one or more fulfillment partners, you can assign them to different shipping origins over on your merch orders page.)

Finally, for the more technically inclined, we’ve also released a Merch Orders API that lets you query for new orders, mark existing ones as shipped, and search through older orders, filtering by label, band, or date. You can also get details about the merchandise you have for sale on Bandcamp, and update SKU and inventory information.

We hope you find all this useful! Please let us know in the comments what you’d like to see next, and don’t miss Bandcamp Daily’s monthly Merch Table column, where we highlight some of the coolest and craziest merch we come across. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Big Improvements to Selling Merch on Bandcamp

  1. Is it possible to turn off the international shipping option entirely? (International shipping is expensive, first class isn’t guaranteed delivery, and PayPal doesn’t back sellers without door to door tracking which isn’t provided by first class international to 99% of countries outside of the USA.)

  2. I’d like to be able to sell sheet music as a digital file under merch. At the moment I have to upload it as a “freebie” with an audio file. I think it’s maybe confusing for the buyer as to what’s being offered.

  3. How about having the same photo dimensions for downloads & merch (most of our merch is square CDs or singles, or we have photos of tshirts already cropped as squares) and allowing for display of all items (downloads and merch items) together on one “main” page if we so desire?

  4. Ok..Well ok …little improvement. BUT: we want a button to make ALL OUR MERCH being able to be sort of ‘out of order’ or ‘unavailable’ when it is time to go ON VACATION, Christ !! Then we click the same button to make again ALL our merch available again for sale. PLEASE MAKE IT and stop trying to make improvements that we do not care much !!! Thanks guys!

  5. I enquired about multiple-origin selling locations a couple of months ago, so this update is an absolute game-changer. Amazing work, thank you!

  6. Hey Bandcamp, thanks for the new features. I’m sure the people in the comments asking for different stuff (sometimes not in the most polite way) appreciate the hard work you put in too.

  7. Could we get weight based shipping? It would really help when customers order multiple merchandise items, if we could set the weight and the carrier. It would prevent a lot of over charging or undercharging for merch items.

  8. Great stuff. I agree with @First Born, selling PDF booklets online would be a plus.

    My biggest request is to add a “tracking #” box next to each order on the Merch Orders page. Then, whenever I notify a customer of shipment, Bandcamp also sends that tracking number to them. It would save several clicks and having to repeatedly cut / copy / paste tracking codes into the Email message box at the way top of the page.

    Thanks Bandcamp!!

  9. And, please remember the Cart with backend, as opposed to using cookies? finding cart disappeared or no in sync with browser in another computer is no fun.

  10. Thanks Bandcamp for the update! I’m particularly interested in the Merch Orders API. Has anyone tied this in with something like Scalable Press or any other print vendors for automation? Would love to hear about some ways this can be / has been used.

    Dan / ENIGMA
    ( – bandcamp powered site)

  11. Thank you for continuing to improve the site. I can’t find a site that does more and asks for less. The only thing I can’t do with merch that I wish I could is sell PDF books. If that were possible, all my Bandcamp dreams would be a reality.

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