Children of Zeus on watching fans react to their new album

Children of Zeus, a hip-hop and soul group from Manchester, recently hosted their album release on Bandcamp Live. It was live streamed from a warehouse and gave fans the chance to hear the new record before it was released.

“As it was an album launch performing new music for the first time, the chat room feature was the barometer for us to see what was working with the audience. The chat room feedback made us realize people were really enjoying it and in return we got more comfortable as it went on.”

Attending fans who also bought the record received their copy before anyone else. The merch table featured t-shirts and hoodies, though notably absent were the plush Children of Zeus dressing gowns the duo wore whilst performing. Their record label First Word helped answer questions in the chat, and fans showed their support with a deluge of purchases and fire emojis.

“I think being able to monetize something many people are doing for free on Instagram/Twitch and also [being] able to direct people to merch is great. We actually ended up really enjoying our live stream.”

For more information or to schedule a live show click here.

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