Design Customization

Log into your account, click “edit design” in the upper right corner, and have at it. If you come up with something interesting, please let us know about it in the comments. If you come up with something not interesting, remember we reserve the right to close your account without notice for any reason (j/k, animated gifs aren’t even supported). We look forward to your creative response to reasonable constraints! (Preemptive postscript: embedded player customization is indeed on the horizon.)

6 thoughts on “Design Customization

  1. I’m in agreement. The ‘edit design’ option is simple yet effective for matching my bandcamp site to my website’s scheme. Thanks!

  2. Being able to re-order albums in the right column would be great because maybe your coolest album starts with the letter Z… or your least cool album the letter A.

    Then people landing on the page could see whatever you decide to feature first!

    Bandcamps rocks btw… almost too good to be true! That worries me a little.. but so far, very cool!


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