Free Download Email Capture Thingy™

By crushingly popular demand, you can now collect a fan’s email address when they download a free track or album. Simply tick the “require email address” checkbox on the Edit Track or Album page, and when a fan downloads your music, Bandcamp will ask them for their vitals and email them a link to the goods. You may then extract that solid gold nugget of data from our servers with a flick of your mouse: click Edit Profile, and under the section titled Mailing List, click Export. You’ll not only get the fan’s email address, but their country, zip/postal code, and even the date they signed up. Given the power to use that information for good, or for awesome, we trust you will choose the latter. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Free Download Email Capture Thingy™

  1. Wow that is so choice that you took that suggestion on board, and have so elegantly implemented it! 🙂

    At first I thought that bandcamp had “potential”, now I’m starting to think that you guys will f’ing own 2009. You’ve certainly won me over big time.

    All the best,
    Mark (

  2. This is a great feature, thanks! Do listeners have to re-enter their email address for every release they download, or will a cookie be stored to save them doing this for every release?

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