Custom Domains. Custom Domains!

Our aspiration here at Bandcamp has always been to power the site that you consider yours. It’s a fine objective, and limiting our branding to the small logo you see in your site’s footer was a swell first step, but as long as “” was all up in your URL, the vision did not quite match up with reality. Well hoo-ray, because as of this moment, you can point a domain of your own to your Bandcamp site, removing the “” from your URL and multiplying your site’s already-impressive veneer of respectability. For example, if your current Bandcamp site is blü, you can now change that to music.blü, or even just blü Full instructions are right here, but the change on Bandcamp is easy and is made from the Edit Profile page:
So please, banish us to the wings! We can imagine no higher compliment.

8 thoughts on “Custom Domains. Custom Domains!

  1. o my freakin’ god. it just keeps getting better and better on bandcamp! we are glad we’ve joined this site and we are looking forward to future features!

  2. Thanx, that’s really cool, I appreciate you guys’ attitude, product & service!

    Think I’ll keep my URL as is tho, I kinda like the “” part.

  3. this is a very good addition. one thing which you might consider: a way to add contact information to the band’s pages. or do you think this should be included as a bit of text on the album pages?

  4. I love bandcamp! It’s definitely going to revolutionize music culture.

    Just another consideration: I love the ease of the site until you reach the paypal page. It ask for so much information that its too much of a hassle to even deal with. It may be easier and faster for consumers if there were a basic ‘cart’ method, or even a purchasing method in the same screen as the watermarked pop-up (very nice look here by the way). Thought this could help!

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