Farewell Mauritius!

Tell me if this exchange sounds familiar:

“Oh dude, you have to check it out! It’s bandcamp dot em you.”
“Dot wut?”
“Em. You. M as in…Mephisto, U as in…girl, u know it’s true.”
“Em you, huh? So what is that, Russia?”

Well hey, we hear it all the time. Thing is, bandcamp.com was always available, but we had little interest in paying off the squatters (errr, “brand portfolio representatives”), particularly before we had a sense for whether the site would fizzle or blow up. But thanks to the great feedback on the initial launch, an ongoing desire to maximize the professionalism of all our customers’ sites, and a lingering paranoia that certain gentlemen residing in the San Fernando Valley might snap up the .com for purposes related to music only in passing, we decided to pull the trigger. So there you have it, bandcamp.mu is now bandcamp.com. All your old links still work, and will continue to do so (anything .mu will just redirect to .com). Thanks for using Bandcamp, and oh yes, hope you dig the stylin’ new home page and favicons too!

3 thoughts on “Farewell Mauritius!

  1. you cats are great.

    thanks for providing a stellar service with no banner adds .. I hope you can always escape them & continue to let artists brand themselves ..

    rock n roll ..


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