Minimum Name-Your-Price Minimum Now Zero

When we implemented name-your-price downloads, we decided to limit the price bands could specify as the let-fan-name-price minimum to no lower than $0.50 USD. That approach made perfect sense to us at the time, since if you went much below fifty cents, all of a fan’s payment would be eaten up by transaction fees. Trouble is, that set up two flows: the free flow, and the name-your-price-with-a-non-zero-minimum flow, and since we didn’t let you choose Best quality for each, you were stuck offering non-paying fans a lower quality download. It is ridiculous, meaning completely awesome, how many bands wrote in to point out our folly.

Thanks to you, the minimum name-your-price minimum is now zero, and as an added bonus, you have the option of summoning the power of the Free Download Email Capture Thingy™ for fans who enter zero. It all looks like this:


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