Stickers, WANT

Please help us spread the Bandcamp word! Simply send your name, physical mailing address, and Bandcamp URL to, and we’ll immediately stop what we’re doing, hand copy your address onto an actual envelope, drop in an assortment of ultra-covetable vinyl Bandcamp stickers (with waterproof overlam!), slowwwwly lick both the envelope and the stamp(s) (non-U.S. artists receive bonus saliva), seal, affix, walk down to the postbox, bid the package farewell, return to our computer, delete the email containing your address, empty the trash, cancel the mail account, climb to the roof, soak the laptop in gasoline, light it on fire, kick it off the ledge, return to the ground floor, stomp on the smoldering pieces, eat them, and walk ourselves and whatever might remain of your personal data right into the ocean.

The stickers are 4″ x 1.25″. Dimensions are often hard to visualize, so here’s one with a moai:


a pterodactyl:


Mac Dre:

and a cave troll:


And from you, the bands, with bacon:


all over F‘s stuff:




from Spaces’ point of inspiration:


adorning the gear of Mojave:


on Nickname:Rebel‘s newfangled turntable:


on Gustavo‘s 1’s and 2’s:


and elsewhere:



15 thoughts on “Stickers, WANT

  1. you should have consulted to compuserve

    switching the comma to “comma” in their email addresses would have saved them from the dustbin of history in cool

  2. First volley of stickers now jetting towards most of these United States, as well as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, England, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Taiwan and West Xylophone.

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