Facilitating the Fan/Artist Rendezvous, Odds, Ends

sidebar2In preparation for some larger changes that are coming shortly, we now provide your fans with easier ways to get in touch with both us and you. Over in your sidebar, there’s a new section, “contact/help.” The first link (“for help with downloads…”) sends an email to us here at Bandcamp. It works just like the old help link in the footer, only it’s more prominent. The second link (“for all other inquiries…”) opens a standard contact form. By default, your address is not exposed — instead, the fan submits the form and we forward their message along to the address you’ve specified on your profile page. However, for the elite few who appreciate that a) forms are kinda ridiculous, b) stuff like “email me at tobias at bluemangroup dot com” only insults the intelligence of the script kiddies while doing little or nothing to protect your address, and c) it’s all OK anyway because spam filters more or less work, we provide the option of giving your fans a simple email link instead. And yep, you can make it a different address than you use for official Bandcamp correspondence. You set all of this up on your profile page, like so:


In related news, artists with a lot of material up on Bandcamp may notice that we now limit the discography to display the three most recent releases, followed by a “show all” link. This is to prevent the contact section from getting pushed too far down the page, where your fans might not notice it.  We remember the visitor’s collapsed/expanded preference, so this change should just tidy up your site’s default state, without much impact on how fans interact with it. Browsing large discographies via the sidebar still isn’t ideal, so we have some further improvements in store there as well.

Finally, track durations are now listed on album pages (a little touch we’ve been meaning to get around to for ages), and the text color can be controlled via a new option in the design dialog, “secondary text color” (which also applies to several other interface elements — play around with it, then immediately change it back to its highly-pleasing default).

13 thoughts on “Facilitating the Fan/Artist Rendezvous, Odds, Ends

  1. Will we be able to post links to our other web sites? I like to direct people to both my Bandcamp site and my music blog (which of course links to Bandcamp).

    Of course, if you guys added blogging capability, I’d just transfer everything over here. I’m conflicted, though. One thing I love about this site is how clean it is and how everything works. The last thing the world needs is another MySpace.

    But linking capability would be cool.

    1. Hi Chris, we’ll be expanding the sidebar options in the future, but in the meantime you can include links in a track or album’s About field. Not ideal, we know.

  2. This awesome. I do believe I have FINALLY found the very tool I have been waiting for. Cheers. Building my entire back collection into this now.

  3. Can multiple e-mail addresses be specified in the correspondence fields? It would be handy to have this e-mail cc’d to multiple people in a group sometimes.

  4. “can’t wait for the big changes (unless it means i have to pay loads of money, obviously)”

    Let’s be very clear about something – that such a superlative service is free is exceptional. None of us should ever take that for granted.

    If BC ever decides to/has to become a paid-for service, I won’t resent a single penny, and neither should anyone else who uses it.

  5. “If BC ever decides to/has to become a paid-for service, I won’t resent a single penny, and neither should anyone else who uses it.”

    it depends how they raise revenue – and whether i can afford to use the service as much as i am at the moment, it’s not a question of ‘resent’ its a question of what i can afford and what makes sense. for example, if they charge for domain mapping (and that’s pretty likely IMO) i can’t justify 5 different accounts when 3 are demos from defunct bands. if they take a cut from each sale, that’s fine with me. if they charge per album/per year (probably not, but it’s possible) i will have to remove 90% of my music, if they charge per act/per year it will depend…

    i agree that BC is amazing (especially for free) and a service this good deserves to succeed. i don’t ‘resent’ paying at all.

  6. Knowing how quickly things descend into trolldom, I should state immediately that the above was categorically not meant as a personal attack, more a general comment.

    And so:

    Excellent! Without the above info it sounded suspiciously like the mating call of The Ungrateful Net-bod, those facebookians used to getting services for free who lunge for their soap box at the suggestion things should be otherwise. Of all net music ‘hubs’ (for want of a better word), BC would, as you say, be the most justified in asking for something

    Insofar as how they’ll make money, not my place to speculate but it’s worth remembering what they mention in http://bandcamp.com/faq#monetization

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