Physical Goods Update

It’s just too cool seeing all the success you guys are having selling physical/digital bundles through Bandcamp. We expected the feature to catch on gradually, but here we are a little over a month since its launch, and the quantity and variety of goods being sold (and we do mean sold, not simply listed) through the system is astounding. There’s zombie ukulele jams on 7″, CDs in miniature pillow cases and TV dinner trays, music-to-fall-asleep-to in handmade packaging, bundles with silkscreen posters, t-shirts and coloring books, beautifully executed album pre-orders, and discs of jazz from Poland, ambient piano music from Italy, and post-classical electronic from Iceland. The average price paid for all these packages is more than double that of digital albums, and package sales are already 20% of overall system sales for December.

Oh, and congratulations to Malajube, whose limited edition vinyl EP ContrΓ΄le sold out in a heartbeat. Awesome.

17 thoughts on “Physical Goods Update

  1. I just wanna say thanks to bandcamp for the best musik-upload site on the web.

    Best wishes for the future, I’m spreading the word:))

  2. Brilliant work guys, as always. πŸ™‚

    Just a quick query – might there be a chance that BC will support some sort of cart system when ordering different products? Would be the icing on an already very tasty cake. Thanks!

  3. (From the initial thread about physical sales)
    > if you expect most of your transactions to be over $12, a normal PayPal account will incur less fees than a micropayments account.

    Would love to have this “both ways”. A suggestion – how about letting us specify *two* PayPal accounts within Bandcamp – one for normal and one for micropayments. Then, at purchase time Bandcamp determines on the fly which PayPal account to route the purchase to based on minimizing fees.

  4. We love the physical option and how well it integrates with the digital sales. The option I would love to see is the ability to have more than one physical option for each album so that we could do one with the CD + digital and another that’s CD + digital + T-shirt.

  5. Any update on comment 10? Would definitely like to have multiple options of physical merch alongside one album on bandcamp.


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