Merch Management Table & Fulfillment Partner Accounts

As promised when we first launched physical goods support, we’ve just introduced a simple table where you can see all your merch orders at a glance, mark orders as shipped, search for orders, or filter orders by date and shipped status. Head over to your Tools page and click the Physical Orders > Manage link (or click the new link in any of the “Cha-ching!” email receipts we send you), and you’ll see something similar to the screenshot above.

One of the best parts is that you can grant one or more fulfillment partners access to this page. You click the link to send them an email invite, they create their account, and then they can view and edit the merch orders page but not the rest of your site. It’s dead easy, and it’s exactly how our own fulfillment partner is shipping the first BCWax release. Mmm Puppy Chow.

3 thoughts on “Merch Management Table & Fulfillment Partner Accounts

  1. Will it be possible to export order info so that orders could be sent in bulk to a fulfillment partner?

    1. Already there, look for the “export” link on your /merch_orders page. You could use it to send orders to partner in bulk, but it might be easier to simply give your fulfillment partner direct access to the page (we added export to make it easier for a fulfillment partner to do their monthly billing).

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