Discount Codes

You can now create codes (like “ukulele” or “snooki”) that your fans enter at checkout to receive a discount on your music. Discount codes can be valid for anything on your site, or just a specific track, album or package. You can make a code expire on a certain date, or let it remain valid forever. And you can see how many times a given code has been redeemed, so that you can create different codes for different channels in a marketing campaign (YouTube, Twitter, email, etc.) and easily track their effectiveness. All of this is set up from your Tools page, like this:

and fans enter the discount code in the checkout dialog, like this:

Note that you cannot create a discount code for 100% off (essentially, a multi-use download code). We may add that in the future, but no ETA just yet.

UPDATE December 14, 2012: We now support discount codes on all items with prices above zero, including items where you selected “let fans pay more if they want.” In that case the discount simply reduces the minimum price.

14 thoughts on “Discount Codes

  1. Hi, it would be great if you could add an option to limit the number of uses of the code. That way I could put out on twitter “hey! First 10 people to use this code get 50% off my album” etc, and not have to shut off the code manually.

  2. The description here says that you can make discount codes for individual tracks but as far as I can tell I’m only able to make discount codes for physical packages. I would prefer to make my discounts for digital only. Am I missing something?

  3. Discount codes are no longer restricted to fixed-price items — see the update to the post above.

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