Second Release from BCWax is Here!

A few months ago, we launched BCWax, an unlabel dedicated to the production of high-quality physical artifacts of some of the best independent music hosted on Bandcamp. You can read more about our motivations, but primary among them was to promote the creation of the kind of merch we ourselves would like to buy, and refine the system for selling it. So we detailed every resource used to produce our first release, and developed a slew of new features to help deliver it. Not that we’re more than .01% responsible, but here it is a relatively short time later, and the quantity, quality and variety of physical goods sold through Bandcamp is truly staggering. Sweet!

Today, we’re excited to announce our second release, Get It Together, from New Zealand funksters Sola Rosa. You can pick it up right here (enter discount code “wax” during checkout to knock 15% off). We hope you’ll have a listen because above all, it’s great music from hard-working, independent musicians like yourself. But we also hope you’ll take a look because it’s a gorgeous limited edition package (once again designed by Dan Stiles), and it’s exactly the sort of thing we’d like to purchase from every one of our favorite artists. It includes a beautiful LP (this time on translucent ice blue vinyl):

…stunning 12″x12″ silkscreen print of the cover (signed and numbered and using a metallic gold ink not present on the jacket):

…and of course an immediate download to keep you entertained while you wait for the mailperson.

If you already picked up our first release from Sophie Madeleine, thanks so much. We think this one will make a fine addition to your collection!

Click here to listen to and buy BCWax02, Sola Rosa’s Get It Together. Enter discount code “wax” during checkout for 15% off.

19 thoughts on “Second Release from BCWax is Here!

  1. I got my copy in the mail on Saturday; beautiful as expected! My turntable needs a new stylus, so I’m just collecting these things at this point. But they look AMAZING. Thanks guys!

  2. I think y’all are really pushing the envelope of what’s to be expected from a music hosting site… Keep the savvy forward progressing and competition is none!

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys. Bandcamp has put a lot of work into this with attention to every detail. Big respect. Also a nod to Dan Stiles whose artwork is class at every level.

    Sola Rosa says Yeah!!

  4. Argh, when I see the quality of the silkscreen printing… it makes me mad not to be able to invest for my netlabel and release such stuff 🙁

    Hope you people will manage to sell enough, it’s hard and tuff world outside here :/

  5. great idea bandcamp, this is the way forward in da digital age, a vinyl and download package is the perfect marriage.sola rosa sounds great, album looks amazing, may well buy it! thanks for putting me onto it.

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