Package Options, Multiple Packages Per Album

You can now present fans with a menu of options, such as t-shirt size or vinyl color, for any given physical package. So, rather than asking a buyer to email you their choice after their purchase, or click “leave note for seller” over on PayPal (both pretty clunky workarounds), the fan’s selection appears in your notification email from Bandcamp, on your merch orders page, and in your all-time sales csv file. We even handle the inventory control, and allow you to override the quantity remaining at any given time (great for if you’re selling at shows in addition to online). Here’s what the options UI looks like to your fans:

To set up an option menu like this, click Edit on any album page, then add a new physical package or click Edit on an existing one, and fill in the details shown here:

We’re also pumped and/or stoked to officially announce support for multiple packages per album. If your release includes a CD bundle, vinyl bundle, and deluxe kitchen sink bundle with t-shirt, you can now list all of those packages on a single album page (and present them in whatever order you like). Setting up multiple packages for an album is easy: you just click Edit on any album page, then click the “add new” link here:

To reorder packages, you drag and drop them, also from the album edit page:

Finally, a few examples of sites already listing multiple packages:


6 thoughts on “Package Options, Multiple Packages Per Album

  1. Awesome! Please please please get on the stick and give us a way to integrate our Bandcamp store with Facebook. Reverbnation has a “my band” tab, how about something similiar for Bandcamp? I am sure it would go over really well!

  2. I like how I think of something that I’d like to be able to do on bandcamp, and then a few weeks later magically, you guys announce that I can now do that thing.

    Great work. Love it.

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