15 thoughts on “All-Time Stats Are Here

  1. Great — thanks chaps. I can remember scratching my head looking for an ‘all-time’ link; makes perfect sense to get the big picture on your playcount.

  2. Yessss! Thank you. A complete picture, not just the last 2 months, is a big help in understanding what has helped bring people to your Bandcamp site.

  3. “Bout damn time” << I absolutely agree. I've been wanting to add this to the stats for over a year. But I've had to spend way more time than I thought this year on infrastructure, behind the scenes improvements, just to keep up with the site's awesome growth. (We've all been working our butts off.) We're still a small, independent shop doing our best to help you get your music to your fans.

    I like how you can look over your entire history of plays and sales, see who your top referrers have been, etc. If you have suggestions please let me know here or via support email.

    Joe @ bandcamp

  4. Thanks a lot!! This is the best website for publishing music. You did a great job! COngratulations

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