Now Streaming on the iPad, iPhone…

…and any other place that doesn’t have Flash, but does support HTML5:

(Streaming has actually long worked on the iPad and iPhone, but clicking play launched QuickTime, which always felt clunky. iOS4 lets us do it right inline, like the good lord intended.)

Bandcamp’s embedded players (the ones you generate from the Share menu) remain Flash-based because MySpace,, and most other online services don’t let you embed arbitrary client-side code, which is what an HTML5-based embed would be. For those of you running your own sites with total control over the code, we’ll soon provide an HTML5 embed option in the Share menu in the form of a tidy script tag.

Nerdholes nota bene: Firefox’s HTML5 audio support uses Ogg, not mp3, so you won’t see the non-Flash streaming goodness there. We love Ogg as much as the next guy, so we may add it as a streaming option in the future.

8 thoughts on “Now Streaming on the iPad, iPhone…

  1. This is GREAT news! (The embeddable HTML5 players). We really need this on our label site.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  2. This is fantastic news!

    I’m currently developing a new site for my band and was looking at all sorts of other HTML5 players to embed so it could work across devices. I’m excited to hear that it is now really nice to stream from the bandcamp page and even more excited that an HTML5 embed player is coming down the line.

    Now, I know you guys might not want to talk publicly about timeline on this since you might not be able to commit, but do you have any idea how soon “soon” is? A week? A month? Four months? A year? My dilemma is whether I should seek out another HTML5 player in the meantime or just wait for this player to arrive. I don’t want to double my work if this player is really just around the corner, but I also don’t want to wait for a long time without a solution.

    Anyway, I understand if you can’t comment, but I’m asking in case you can!

    Another thought about the HTML5 embed player: Is there any plan to provide more user customization to it via CSS. It could be a neat opportunity to allow more integration in band sites. Stuff I’m thinking about:

    – Ability to not show album art (I have pages that already have the album art on them in my design and don’t need it doubled.

    – Transparent background. I’d love this so the player can go over background image textures and other sexy things.

    – Maybe even custom buttons?

    – Other cool stuff that people could probably think up.

    An HTML5 player without this kind of support is absolutely fantastic either way. I hope “soon” is very soon!

  3. I am starting a screamo-appalachian-lounge side-project called “Nerdholes Nota Bene” (and selling our 8-tracks through Bandcamp, of course)

  4. am very happy to hear that html5 gets supported. i’ve been hoping for bandcamp to get this for a few whiles, ever since we got going with the development of my site and actually re-launched it.
    i really look forward to being able to attach albums that are on bandcamp to the release pages of my site, and would greatly appreciate if you could let us know what kind of an amount of time you’re looking at before it’ll be possible.

    fingers crossed..

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