All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

bandcamp new embedded players

We’ve just launched a bunch of beautiful new players for you, your fans and the press to embed across the web. They’re simple, customizable, free, and completely focused on your music.

First up is a large player, shown here without a tracklist:

with a tracklist:

and in a minimal, cover-art-only version:

The large player also gives you the option of integrating your merch right into it, like this (try clicking the vinyl images):

We also have a lighter weight medium player:

and an ultra-compact small player:

To create one of the new players, click the Share/Embed control located just beneath your cover art, then click “embed this album”:
click share/embed, then embed this album

You can then customize your player, adjusting its size, color, whether it includes the tracklist and images of your merchandise, and so on:
customize player

We’re also pleased to report that our new players now appear right inside of Twitter whenever you or your fans tweet out an album or track link, like this:

bandcamp players on twitter

A few things you may be wondering:

Where do I paste the embed code?
Paste the code into the HTML of your website or blog post, and voila, you’ll have a player.

Do these work in WordPress?
Yes. If you’re using, be sure to choose “” from the radio selection just below the embed code. That will give you a special WordPress shortcode that you can paste right it into your post or page.

How about Tumblr?
On any track or album page, click the Share/Embed button and then click the Tumblr button (next to Tweet). That will automatically embed the horizontal player, and it’ll look great in your blog and on Tumblr’s dashboard. It’s possible to embed the standard or small layout player instead, but it will not appear inline in Tumblr’s dashboard view, so we don’t recommend it. If you wish to defy our counsel, you’ll need to go to and temporarily switch your “Edit posts using” setting from “rich text editor” to “plain text/HTML” (Tumblr’s default rich text editor strips some of the attributes from the tag, which causes the player to clip). Then click the Share/Embed link back on Bandcamp, choose “Embed this album,” and pick the standard or small player.

Can I use the new players inside of Facebook?
Facebook requires Flash for their widgets, so these (which are HTML5) won’t work there. However, you can still put a Bandcamp player into Facebook simply by pasting an album or track URL into your status. That will drop in our Flash-based player, which, while not the same design as these, will still work just fine.

As always, thank you for using Bandcamp!

126 thoughts on “All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

  1. Im lovin it, trying to figure where and how to set it up,I’ll get it. You got me ready to create more blogs for my Songs 4 sale section. Good lookin

  2. I badly need my Bandcamp players to have a transparent background! Please don’t take this away!

  3. Players look great! Only problem – when you try to embed a large player of a single track (might be happening in all the players), it shows the album cover art, instead of the individual track art. Also you should let it feature an option where you can select it to contain/play ONLY that song you embedded and not the whole album (incase you’re featuring songs on your website in numerous blog posts as the individually get released, like i’m trying to do).

    1. The track art issue is fixed now Greta, please try again. And if you embed a track from an album using the “small” layout option, only the track will play.

  4. I just realised – is there going to be a way to keep the old microplayer around and available for new albums? I actually use that (on the blog again – ) and was planning on using it with the new album too. Can I edit the old-player links and point them to a new album and have it work?

    1. Yes, we’re leaving in support for all the old embedded player formats and options (including transparency), so feel free to create more of those by hand if you really like the retro style. 🙂

  5. Looks nice, but I can’t make the sizes any smaller than 350 px, therefore I can’t fit them properly into the sidebar on my page.
    Can you add the ability to make them less wide, please? Thanks! WB

  6. It’s great to see the innovative ways you come up with to help artists get their music out there. Whatever your making to do this wonderful service (while the rest of the biz gives up), it’s not enough!!

    I’ve recommended all of my artist friends to BC, some of them have been some of your biggest sellers!

    On behalf of all the grateful musicians, HUGE thanks and keep up the great work!!

    P.S any news on getting an android or iPhone app happening?


  7. Nice players.

    I still prefer the old player with tracklist only, without the cover. Am I blind, or could is there not anymore an option for that?

    Because otherwise it looks strange if I first have the cover GFX in resolution and layout of my choosing, and then the player right below it with another picture of the record cover…

    Why does it seem, that all the other sizes than 350 pixels wide in the large player are scaled up from that, I tried the largest size, and the graphics were very pixellated. The original cover image is uploaded in good enough resolution.

    1. > Why does it seem, that all the other sizes than 350 pixels wide in the large player are scaled up from that, I tried the largest size, and the graphics were very pixellated.

      That’s fixed up now for sizes greater than 350, please give it another shot.

  8. Brilliant looking players! Thanks so much. Will hopefully get round to updating all the different players in different spots on the web very soon!

    1. Hi Marco, we just made 100% the default for the small and medium players (though you can override that to specify a value if you prefer). Will have an update on the large option shortly.

  9. The overall look of these is fairly clunky and uninspiring, in my opinion. Nice that there is some configurability. I preferred the old version, though. Also, in the large version, the play button covers my name on the album art.

  10. hello

    please make a player which could feature only 1 track without the name of album and without the album cover. thank You.

  11. Once again, BANDCAMP shows the whole world why it is absolutely the very best music sharing website in the entire known universe. Thank you again and again, BANDCAMP team! You have made the music world, a much better place!

  12. The players look great. But I have a question regarding seemingly superhuman programming speeds. How on Earth can you “fix” so many things at an average speed of 1 minute 28 seconds per problem?

  13. Could we please have the option to suppress the artwork in the large player? Eventually we’re going to use the artwork-only embed, but for now we have to support multiple embed sources and your semi-rival doesn’t support HTML5 artwork embeds. Inconsistent user experience is no good.

  14. The new players are aesthetically great and I have reviewed the above comments about retaining support for the old ones (thanks) but I have to say that I am frustrated to now have to make a “tall” one by hand for the sidebar on WP sites. Was there some compelling reason to not include that dimension in the new players? I hope you will consider eventually adding some sort of small vertical one for sidebars as I think it’s very useful on a variety of sites and having consistent design among the players rather than using the new ones in most of the site and the old one on the sidebar would be great.

  15. Hello.

    Nice new players! But could there be an option for the medium player to have a playlist too? Not just the large player. I would find that more that helpful!

    Thanks, Arne

  16. Is there any way to get the large versions sans-artwork? Currently I am running a site that brings up the bandcamp album tracklist once the artwork div is clicked on so using the large one would not work.

    Sargent House’s website is another example:


  17. Wish the medium player would come with an option to see the entire tracklist, that would be perfect for my needs.

    Hope that feature will be added at some point. Until then, the old player will have to do.

  18. Seconding the option to add other albums instead of merch. For those of us with multiple Bandcamp titles, it would be nice to have a player where people can sample more than one release.

  19. These are beautiful! Would love to have one that is less than 300 px in width, to add to the left column of my website.

  20. Can I add the full tracklist to the “horizontal” layout? I typically put in the album art myself, and just need a playable list of every track on the album. Thanks!

  21. Great guys! You always doing such a great improvements. This will be really helpful for website design 🙂 Still, if you would support multi-language you would be unbeatable.

  22. Wonderful Job Guys,

    Just one more thing though.. Could you create a music player that just shows the complete track list without the album artwork? Or maybe add an option to disable it from the “Standard” music player, like you have with the “Horizontal” and “Small” embeds? Or better yet, add the option to “Show Tracklist” to the “Horizontal” & “Small” players…

    The “Standard” music player I have embedded on my WP website [] is lovely, but it kind of makes my album artwork I have posted a little redundant.


  23. This is very useful. This is a gamechanger for me, since now I can build my own facebook app for my band’s page tab and simply embed one of these players in an iframe.

    My band(s) were very happy to see this happen. I hope you go further with embedabble players and give more options to customize. Thank you! 🙂

  24. Fantastic! Thanks so much! The design looks great and I love the way it seamlessly links to the buy option. Smooth! Cool! Awesome!

  25. As much as I love the new players, I’m really missing the option to use a ‘playlist only’ player without the artwork… I always used that option since it’s more flexible to add on a site or in a blog where the artwork already is shown, this way you can write some text between artwork & playlist…
    Would be nice to get that one back.
    Otherwise: great work as always! Bandcamp is great!

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