All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

bandcamp new embedded players

We’ve just launched a bunch of beautiful new players for you, your fans and the press to embed across the web. They’re simple, customizable, free, and completely focused on your music.

First up is a large player, shown here without a tracklist:

with a tracklist:

and in a minimal, cover-art-only version:

The large player also gives you the option of integrating your merch right into it, like this (try clicking the vinyl images):

We also have a lighter weight medium player:

and an ultra-compact small player:

To create one of the new players, click the Share/Embed control located just beneath your cover art, then click “embed this album”:
click share/embed, then embed this album

You can then customize your player, adjusting its size, color, whether it includes the tracklist and images of your merchandise, and so on:
customize player

We’re also pleased to report that our new players now appear right inside of Twitter whenever you or your fans tweet out an album or track link, like this:

bandcamp players on twitter

A few things you may be wondering:

Where do I paste the embed code?
Paste the code into the HTML of your website or blog post, and voila, you’ll have a player.

Do these work in WordPress?
Yes. If you’re using, be sure to choose “” from the radio selection just below the embed code. That will give you a special WordPress shortcode that you can paste right it into your post or page.

How about Tumblr?
On any track or album page, click the Share/Embed button and then click the Tumblr button (next to Tweet). That will automatically embed the horizontal player, and it’ll look great in your blog and on Tumblr’s dashboard. It’s possible to embed the standard or small layout player instead, but it will not appear inline in Tumblr’s dashboard view, so we don’t recommend it. If you wish to defy our counsel, you’ll need to go to and temporarily switch your “Edit posts using” setting from “rich text editor” to “plain text/HTML” (Tumblr’s default rich text editor strips some of the attributes from the tag, which causes the player to clip). Then click the Share/Embed link back on Bandcamp, choose “Embed this album,” and pick the standard or small player.

Can I use the new players inside of Facebook?
Facebook requires Flash for their widgets, so these (which are HTML5) won’t work there. However, you can still put a Bandcamp player into Facebook simply by pasting an album or track URL into your status. That will drop in our Flash-based player, which, while not the same design as these, will still work just fine.

As always, thank you for using Bandcamp!

126 thoughts on “All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

  1. Ha! I’ve been faking players kind of like these for a while, using CSS and various strange embeds of the old players, on my band’s front page (a large-art version of the new “medium” player) and my blog page (like the new cover-art-only player, only smaller: ).

    Please don’t take away the old ones so I don’t have to rebuild my site again, I just got done last week. XD

    1. Hi David, Facebook still requires Flash for their embeds, so these (which are HTML5) won’t work there. To share into Facebook, you just paste a Bandcamp album or track URL and it’ll pull in the old Flash player (which we may update later to have the new look).

  2. this players look like 80’s style.
    confusing typo and spaces. really dont like them all.

  3. the new players look awful on compared to the old ones. the side bar just isnt wide enough to accomodate the large player and you guys took away the thin vertical player. This seems like a downgrade imo.

    1. Hi there, we’ve updated the standard layout player to be sidebar-friendly, it works for widths as low as 170px now (which covers just about every theme).

  4. These are totally incompatible with my website design.

    Need at least transparent backgorund.

    Please keep the old ones accessibles…

  5. No transparent backgrounds, that sucks for embedding the player on your website…and no next and previous track buttons on the small player also seems awkward.

  6. WOW!!! AMAZING!! 8.. yes 8 different link colours.. WOW AMAZING!!!

    So much better than choosing any colour you like!

  7. Looking nice.

    One thing, though. If I create a small player for a specific track the information visible on the player is “[album title] by [track artist]”. I think it would make a lot more sense to show the track title.

    If you’re wondering the “use case”, I make track-specific players for compilation appearances, to link people directly to my contribution(s). If I have more than one track on a compilation, they’re all going to show with the same information, despite being players for different tracks.

  8. Really like the style but when sharing a single track with the small player it seems to give the album name instead of the track name. If I embed 3 different tracks separately they all look the same which is confusing – surely when embedding a track it should give the track name not the album name?

  9. Any way to make the artwork players (or any of the players) responsive? I’m building a responsive website now and the sidebar is 300px on normal viewing, but decreases to 275px on mobiles.

    1. Hi Richard, the small and medium players now default to 100% (you can override that to specify a value if you prefer). Will have an update on the large option soon.

  10. Brilliant, really love them.

    One issue – if resizing to a larger size (e.g by 500px width) the artwork degrades even after a larger res image has been uploaded. Any way around this?

  11. Looks good!

    But the small player, when used for a single track, will always show the album name only and not the track name. The right track is played, though. What am I doing wrong?


  12. Another great move from the team at my FAVORITE online indie music outlet. This is why I’m constantly pushing Bandcamp over any other music service for artists and fans alike!

    Keep up the good work, folks.

  13. Was literally just redesigning my whole website and wishing the Bandcamp player was more customizable so it could fit in with my design. Thanks guys, this is awesome!

  14. Im super excited about this….one question though. In regards to the large player with merch integration is it possible to substitute merch with OTHER albums in your BandCamp catalog/discography? I also think the Twitter feature is awesome and will really help. Was this Twitter feed capability always around or is this completely new?

    JW Hype

  15. Since the twitter cards only work on the bandcamp domain, can you change the tweet button on our album / track pages to use the bandcamp domain for the link rather than the custom domain?

  16. I love the look of the new players. However, the buy or download feature needs to be instant instead of taking people back to the bandcamp page. If I drop a player in a blog or on Facebook my fans should be able to buy or download without being redirected to another page.

  17. I was anticipating 3 more flexible visual formats: a vertical player (the large), a horizontal player (medium), and a small player for tight spaces. But they are not as flexible in implementation as I imagined. Why not have the vertical player be any width from 150 to 1000px, option to not show artwork and just be a track list? Small player have just a “button” option. Probably some other things too.

    That said, I think they are a huge leap forward from the old players, especially the large “minimal” player, and options for single tracks. They further elevate the impressiveness of bandcamp. And certainly part of bandcamp’s beauty is the simplicity, so I wouldn’t want to overcomplicate matters.

  18. I’m attempting to replace the old players for my bandcamp music on my tumblr blog, but every time I embed the html for a large player with track listing the player resizes, cutting the album art through the middle, and the html changes from:


    This also happens when I try to embed the html into a text post. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jordan, for Tumblr you’ll need to use the explicit Tumblr share button (next to Like and Tweet). Embedding the code for the new players directly into Tumblr won’t work because of the way they muck with iframes, unfortunately.

  19. These are gorgeous! Although, I also wouldn’t mind seeing a migration of the old embeds to the new format as well.

    I specifically chose BC because of your player embeds and even modified my business and product “How to be A Bitch 101 (For Girls & Guys With Automatic Nice Syndrome)” by integrating music into my educational product so I could sell it through BC because it is the smartest (aesthetic and User Interface/Selling Point wise) instant player I know of. And I think it’s working because I’ve already made around $700 or so and haven’t done much marketing.

    I’m hoping the new models will still be easy to customize colors!

  20. Hi Ethan,

    The players look great, but any chance we can have smaller width players too? My website sidebar is 300px and all of these players seems to be 350px minimum.



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