Announcing Bulk Edit

Announcing Bulk Edit

Announcing Bulk Edit

As discographies on Bandcamp continue to grow (we’re now home to over 22 million tracks and 4 million albums), we know that artists and labels need a faster and more efficient means of managing their catalog. That need was the motivation behind the recently launched bulk edit feature, a consolidated editor that allows you to quickly adjust key fields like price, title, and release date across multiple items. Holding flash sales and adjusting shipping just got a whole lot easier.

To access the bulk editor, click the “bulk edit” button from any release’s page:

Bulk Edit button placement

The editor allows you to view and edit all the items in your account from one page, and filter by digital or physical, and public, private or draft. Here it is in action:

example of bulk editing price

You’ll still want to visit the traditional release editor to add individual touches like artwork and tags, but gone are the days of painstakingly setting pricing one release at a time. Bring on your missing back catalog!

3 thoughts on “Announcing Bulk Edit

  1. Very Cool! Bandcamp is the by far the best music website!!! The phone app was, and still is great as well! keep up the good work!

  2. This is really good, though I can only see to change the price of albums. Is there a way to bulk edit the price of all tracks? If I make my albums zero price, the individual tracks still have to be changed. Would be quite a nice little extra if possible. Thanks Paul

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