Introducing the Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels

The Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels is here! It gives you a real-time mobile view into your stats, helps you manage and fulfill your merch, and lets you directly message your fans, even targeting those messages by fan location and level of support. Check out the screencast above for more details, and grab it for Android or iOS!

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31 thoughts on “Introducing the Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels

  1. hell yes. i was just shipping one of my bandcamp orders today, thinking about how i wish there was a bandcamp app for artists. and i got back and it exists. thank you.

  2. App is amazing, but we still need a way to watch our stats by our own range of choosing, say February-July. Right now that isn’t possible, the all time stat screen is in increments of 2 months not 1 month.

  3. Thank you! It’s really great work!

    It would be are little more great if the app can show every buyer of an Album. It would be fantastic for us small labels.

    An example: next year we will release La Danse Macabre 3. So it would be great if I can go to the app and look who are buyed La Danse Macabre 1 & 2 ( in the past and send them a mail with a discount code. Just for the thanks of their support in the past. It would be easier to make personal and friendly marketing. 🙂


  4. Once I realized this was a separate app from the fan app, I downloaded it and checked it out along side this video. This is a very powerful app. Shows me so much info and so fast compared to the desktop environment. Very helpful.

  5. Love love love this app. It is so easy to ship orders, check the stats, send messages direct to the fans and be notified of new followers. My favourite feature is the cool sound it makes when I receive the CHA-CHING notification for a sale. That is awesome !

  6. Thanks, I was wondering where all those “Message from ” were coming from and if it was some sort of Bandcamp Pro feature (I’m not a Bandcamp Pro user). Glad to see there’s an app for this. Looking forward to notifying all followers/fans with forthcoming stuff!

  7. If you send messages to your fans via the app, do they receive it in an email they have left when they purchased somethings from you or do they receive messages in their “fan” app only?

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