The new Artist Dashboard


We recently launched a new artist dashboard, which brings together data, tips, and tools to help you promote your music and achieve success on Bandcamp.

Log in to your artist account to see your dashboard. You’ll see an activity feed, graphs of your latest plays and sales and, for the first time on desktop, how many followers you have. We notify your followers whenever you release new music on Bandcamp, so the more you have, the greater the impact of those notifications. For many artists, these notifications are one of the biggest sources of sales.

The Bandcamp Artist App gives you access to everything the dashboard offers, but on your portable telephonic device.

Finally, we encourage you to read the Bandcamp Artist Guide. Artists who have read it are making 28% more money than those who haven’t.

We’ll be announcing more artist tools soon. In the meantime, stay safe and let the world know they can directly support you on Bandcamp!

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