New messaging features up!


Wahay! We’ve just taken the messaging functionality from the Bandcamp Artist App, brought it to desktop, and added a few other goodies that make it easier than ever to keep in touch with your fans. Just head over to the new Community tab to compose and send your message. Your followers will receive it on Bandcamp and via good old-fashioned email, so whether you’re sharing an update on your next release, sending out a discount code, or just saying thanks for the support, they’ll always hear what you have to say.

Your past messages appear in the Community tab, but are only visible to followers, so it’s another great way to build your audience. And fans can now comment from the web too, so it’s easier for more of them to join in the conversation (but not too easy — only supporters can leave comments, not random degenerates from the Internet).

We’ve also added the option to include a message when you publish a new release, which is then included in the release notification email that’s sent to all your followers (and is one of the biggest drivers of sales). This is a great way to give fans a little extra context around your release, and drive even more excitement.

We hope these new tools help you grow and energize your community!

2 thoughts on “New messaging features up!

  1. Better search functions would be very welcome too. As it is, you can’t search for a specific term or phrase, and only a small part of the search results has any relation to what you’ve searched for.

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