Bandcamp Live Is Now Open to Everyone

Bandcamp Live is now available to all artists on Bandcamp. Go here to see it in action, learn more, and set up your first show.

You can choose to make shows ticketed or free, and fans can support you during a show by purchasing something from the merch table, or by sending virtual gifts.

What makes Bandcamp Live unique is that it’s integrated into the rest of the Bandcamp marketplace. We automatically invite your followers when you announce a show, and shows appear on the Live calendar that we promote across Bandcamp. All ticket buyers (and free show RSVPs) become your followers, who are then notified of your future releases. It’s just a few clicks to offer your music and merch right alongside your stream, fans can make purchases without interrupting the show, and as with everything on Bandcamp, you get paid within 24-48 hours.

Bandcamp Live is a particularly great way to launch an album because Bandcamp is where fans go to discover and buy new music. Half the money spent by fans each month on Bandcamp is for music released in just the past 90 days, and 75% is for music released in the past year (this is the inverse of music subscription services, where older “catalog” music accounts for nearly 70% of all listening, which means getting fans to pay attention to new music there is much more difficult). That’s why we’re now seeing many artists use Bandcamp Live to bring new music into the world, activating their followers already on the site, bringing in new ones, and adding a significant new source of revenue. For example, Deerhoof recently threw a listening party to launch their new record, Dominique Fils-Aime live-streamed from the studio where she recorded her latest album, and Children of Zeus hosted an album release event with their fans.

If you’re an artist already on Bandcamp and have a record release coming up, start planning your live stream now.

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