Thank You, It’s a Gift

send as gift on bandcamp

You can now send any album or track on Bandcamp as a gift. Just click “Send as Gift” (below the Buy Now link), enter the recipient’s email address, add an optional personal message, and then check out as always. Your friend will get an email containing a link to the high-quality download, as well as instant, unlimited mobile access to the music via the free Bandcamp app.

Some things you may be wondering:

Can I send physical items as gifts?
Sure can.

What about gift cards?
We may add them in the future.

So if the gift recipient doesn’t have a Bandcamp fan account, they can use the gift to create one, no purchase needed?

I’m a fan. How can I insure that I only receive gifts I actually want?
Easy: send your friends a link to your Bandcamp wishlist (it looks a little something like this: Don’t have a fan account yet? Get yours here.

I’m an artist. Do I use “Send as Gift” to give some of my fans my music for free?
No, continue to use download codes for that. “Send as Gift” is for your fans to give your music as a gift to other people.

I’m an artist. Should I tell all my fans about this?
Yes please. Your fans would love to support you by giving your music to their friends. Please let them know that there’s now an easy way to do so!

Your Merch is on Its Way


Selling merch on Bandcamp? You now have the option to automatically email the buyer when you ship out their item. Just head over to your /merch_orders page, check “Email buyer when item is marked as shipped,” and that’s that. There’s also an option to add a custom message, in case you’d like to include a tracking number, or just send a little love back the fan’s way.

The Big Five-Oh

Bandcamp is five

That’s five as in Bandcamp is now five years old, and oh as in hey-ohhh, fans have now given artists $50 million through Bandcamp! More importantly, that dollar amount is set to double in the next 18 months, and maybe a touch sooner given the just-launched mobile app and some of the other things we’ve got cooking.

<drjohnnyfever>To mark the occasion of our fifth spin around this great big turntable floating around in outer space</drjohnnyfever>, we’ve got a very special Bandcamp Weekly chock full of guests and exclusive mixes. Check that out right here, or listen to it in the app (say, you can do that now!). We’ll follow it up with two more specials, each dedicated to specific genres whose passionate artist and fan communities have made them instrumental in our growth. Set your calendars now for the not-just-bleeps-and-bloops video game music special, coming next week, and stock up on invisible oranges for the ALL METAL SHOW, scaring Mr. Jervis the week after.

Even five years in, it still feels like we’ve just scratched the surface of the enormous opportunity in front of us. That opportunity — to positively impact the lives of millions of artists and their fans — is something we’re incredibly grateful for, and we’re more excited than ever about the work we have planned. Once again, thank you for being a part of it all!

It’s Over

bandcamp app, iOS and Android

Woo hoo! The Bandcamp app for iOS and Android has arrived. This first version gives anyone with a fan account instant, unlimited mobile access to their Bandcamp music collection. No more download-and-sync two-step to get tunes onto the iPhone, and no more advanced fiddling on Android. Just make a purchase, and it immediately appears in the app. And when an album pre-order is released? Ta-da, it just shows up, ready to be enjoyed. All of this sits side-by-side with Bandcamp’s existing high-quality download functionality, providing fans with additional incentive to make a purchase:

Bandcamp unlimited streaming in app

Is the Bandcamp app free?

Should I bother installing it?
That depends. If you’re among the millions of people who have bought music from an artist on Bandcamp, then yes (but go claim your fan account first). If, however, you have never purchased one of the 1.1 million albums or 8.4 million tracks from any of the hundreds of thousands of artists on the site, then no — the app is not yet about browsing that catalog (but you could of course go buy something on Bandcamp, get your fan account, and then install the app).

Where do I get it again?
It’s in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

What about free music I’ve downloaded?
Bandcamp’s #1 objective is to help artists succeed, and we mean that in the old-fashioned make-money-get-money sense. The vast majority of music offered on the site is for sale, and of the music that’s offered for free, almost all of it has the “let fans pay if they want” option enabled. The app is about giving fans yet another reason to do so.

What else does it do, and what’s next?
The app also lets you listen to the Bandcamp Weekly (currently on iOS, coming shortly to Android), and will soon incorporate more discovery features, starting with the new music feed.

Bandcamp app demo

Strap on Your Feed Bag!

If you’ve got a fan account on Bandcamp, we’ve got a great new way for you to discover music. Your music feed shows you the activity of all the fans and artists you follow, and lets you listen to their picks and new releases instantly. You’ll see when someone you follow buys an album, and you can listen to their favorite track and see what they had to say about it. We’ll show you when someone new starts following you and let you explore their collection. And we’ll even give you a heads up when someone you don’t follow buys one of your more niche records, because clearly that’s a person with exceptional taste whose collection you’ll want to check out too.

You get to your feed by clicking “music feed” in the menubar (or by just going to And if you don’t have a fan account yet, you can learn more about the history here, and then get on it.

Minor aside before you gaze upon the majesty of the screenshot below: if you prefer the feed over the email digest, you can now disable the digest from your settings page.

music feed

Manage Multiple Artists from a Single Account

You can now easily switch between all your artists on Bandcamp without the hassle of repeatedly logging in and out. First, make sure you’re in whichever account you plan on logging in with from now on. Then open up your artist menu and select  “add more artists”:

add artist


Enter the name and password of the artist(s) you want to add:

artist pane

Those bands are added to the artists pane of your settings page, above, where you can quickly jump between their sites (and profile, tools and stats pages).


You can also navigate between them from the artists menu:

artist menu


A couple of notes:

The new gear icon gear icon in the upper right is how you get back to your settings page, where you manage your artists, change your email and password, and do other account-level things.

If you’re running a small label where you manage all your artists, but the artists themselves have access to their individual accounts, that will continue to work just fine. Add the artists to your account as described above — the individual logins will not be affected.

This is only the first step in making it easier to work with multiple artists on Bandcamp. You can probably guess steps two through five. We’re working on them!

Share Bandcamp Players Directly to Tumblr

bandcamp share on tumblr

You can now share Bandcamp players directly to Tumblr, and they’ll look great on both your blog and the Tumblr dashboard. Just head over to any album or track page, click Share/Embed, click the Tumblr button, et voilà:

bandcamp players on tumblr

The far less important detail: if you prefer our standard or small layout player over the horizontal layout that the Tumblr button produces (or you just want to customize the colors of the horizontal player), it’s possible but requires a bit of fiddling. Go to and temporarily switch your “Edit posts using” setting from “rich text editor” to “plain text/HTML” (Tumblr’s default rich text editor strips some of the attributes from the iframe tag, which causes the player to clip). Then click the Share/Embed link back on Bandcamp, choose “Embed this album,” and go to town. The catch is that players you embed this way will not appear inline in Tumblr’s dashboard view, whereas the players you get when you just click the Tumblr button do.

Shipping labels and packing slips

If you’re selling merch on Bandcamp, and good gracious are there ever some excellent reasons you should be, you can now print out mailing labels and packing slips right from your orders page.

Just go over to Tools, and click the link to manage your physical orders:

merch orders link on tools page


Then, on your orders page, you’ll see all your pending orders, special instructions from your buyers, controls to mark items as shipped, and a new “Packages” dropdown that lets you filter your orders by a specific item. Click the new “print shipping labels and packing slips” link:

merch orders page


Now choose your paper size and label layout, click “Generate PDF,” and print away. You can even generate packing slips, and mini packing lists to help you get everything going to the right place:

print shipping labels


Oh, and if you weren’t already aware: you can easily grant a fulfillment partner or underemployed brother-in-law access to your orders page. Look for the link at the top that says “Click here to give a fulfillment partner access to this page.”

Ticketing improvements: will-call, door list

We’ve just made a few improvements to how tickets are listed on Bandcamp. You can now set the shipping for a ticket to be will-call/door list, and we’ll update all the fan-facing language on your site pages and receipts accordingly. We also now generate a live list of each show’s attendees, which you can print out for your door person, or email to the venue. To try it out, just click “add merch,” choose “Ticket,” and you’ll see the new shipping settings and link to the will-call list. Note that you can still bundle albums or tracks with tickets, and that continues to be an awesome thing that fans love and that you should totally do. 🙂 Here’s what it looks like in the merch editor:

bandcamp tickets will call door list options

Thanks for using Bandcamp!

All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

bandcamp new embedded players

We’ve just launched a bunch of beautiful new players for you, your fans and the press to embed across the web. They’re simple, customizable, free, and completely focused on your music.

First up is a large player, shown here without a tracklist:

with a tracklist:

and in a minimal, cover-art-only version:

The large player also gives you the option of integrating your merch right into it, like this (try clicking the vinyl images):

We also have a lighter weight medium player:

and an ultra-compact small player:

To create one of the new players, click the Share/Embed control located just beneath your cover art, then click “embed this album”:
click share/embed, then embed this album

You can then customize your player, adjusting its size, color, whether it includes the tracklist and images of your merchandise, and so on:
customize player

We’re also pleased to report that our new players now appear right inside of Twitter whenever you or your fans tweet out an album or track link, like this:

bandcamp players on twitter

A few things you may be wondering:

Where do I paste the embed code?
Paste the code into the HTML of your website or blog post, and voila, you’ll have a player.

Do these work in WordPress?
Yes. If you’re using, be sure to choose “” from the radio selection just below the embed code. That will give you a special WordPress shortcode that you can paste right it into your post or page.

How about Tumblr?
On any track or album page, click the Share/Embed button and then click the Tumblr button (next to Tweet). That will automatically embed the horizontal player, and it’ll look great in your blog and on Tumblr’s dashboard. It’s possible to embed the standard or small layout player instead, but it will not appear inline in Tumblr’s dashboard view, so we don’t recommend it. If you wish to defy our counsel, you’ll need to go to and temporarily switch your “Edit posts using” setting from “rich text editor” to “plain text/HTML” (Tumblr’s default rich text editor strips some of the attributes from the tag, which causes the player to clip). Then click the Share/Embed link back on Bandcamp, choose “Embed this album,” and pick the standard or small player.

Can I use the new players inside of Facebook?
Facebook requires Flash for their widgets, so these (which are HTML5) won’t work there. However, you can still put a Bandcamp player into Facebook simply by pasting an album or track URL into your status. That will drop in our Flash-based player, which, while not the same design as these, will still work just fine.

As always, thank you for using Bandcamp!