New in Bandcamp Pro: Video!

If you’re a Bandcamp Pro subscriber, you can now present unlimited HD videos side-by-side with your music, with nary a lick of integrity-destroying advertising in sight. You can feature a video at the top of your album page, like so:

Featured Video

Or just display your videos inline, like this:

Inline Video

Videos are also organized in a new video tab, and look great on mobile (where they’re automatically optimized for lower-bandwidth delivery):

Video Page

You add video from the album or track editor, here:

where to find video upload

And there’s even a new embedded player that lets you and your fans share your videos with cover art and direct links to purchase:

Video Embeds

We will now make sure it works really, really well by embedding several videos that you should watch immediately:


Red Fang


Shabazz Palaces

Alphabets Heaven & Deft

American Football

Iron Reagan

Some things you may be wondering:

Why can’t I just embed a YouTube video? That would be so much easier, and then video could be free instead of Pro-only! True, but then you risk having commercials for Olive Garden at the top of your site. Bandcamp is a service by and for people who care deeply about music, and part of that is not wanting to see every last piece of art in the world co-opted as “content” against which to sell ads for stuff you don’t need. We also didn’t find this to be all that reassuring.

Vimeo Vimeo Vimeo! Better, but we also don’t want to rely on/require an account at a third party service.

That’s all fine and good but I don’t want to dilute my YouTube view counts because there are human beings who actually decide what to make popular by looking to see what is already popular. By all means, if you’re view-count-sensitive, continue to direct fans to your YouTube videos! You might consider adding your videos to Bandcamp as well, because they’re a great way to round out your identity and boost sales from the fans already checking you out here (me, I went from Red Fang ambivalence to money-throwing-fan as soon as I saw the above video for Wires).

11 thoughts on “New in Bandcamp Pro: Video!

    1. Generally, we support any kind of video file (for example .mp4, .avi, .wmv, and .mov) and the vast majority of video and audio codecs (for example H.264, AAC, VP8, ProRes, WMV, WMA, Ogg and so on). However, we recommend you upload in MP4 and H264 − simply because the processing will be faster and you’ll obtain the best quality playback. Full HD format on Bandcamp is 1920×1080 pixels with a bitrate of 3000 kb/s, which gives great quality in full screen. If you upload in a higher quality, your video will be converted and scaled down while we prepare it for playback on the web. You can reduce your upload time without sacrificing quality by preparing the video at a bitrate of roughly 5000 kb/s.

  1. I decided to cancel my other music accounts and to fully focus on my Bandcamp page since they’ve added this great new feature. I love their policies and I believe it will pay off for Bandcamp and artists in a big way. Kudos Bandcamp, a great way of breaking the corporate strangle hold on indie artists, I’m with you.

  2. Wow, great job guys, this is really cool. With all the recently added functions Bandcamp is now our main income from album sales. I love your smart and minimal upgrades and so do our fans.

  3. I’m using the feature since a while and wonder if it is possible to download the videos.
    so that videos which come with a release / track come in a whole download pack: audio + video.
    I offer audio/visual releases and would like to give the whole package to the people ; )

    Thank you for your great work!

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