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Your New, Improved Discography

“The album array on the home page is very cumbersome. When I add a new release, if I want it to appear on the top left, I have to manually shift all 15 of my other albums over. Huge hassle.” –Mark D.

Agreed. And fixed:

Ladi6 discography

The new discography page automatically displays your releases from newest to oldest, and also lets you easily reorder them using drag and drop. The sidebar (which used to only show up on album and track pages) is also shown, so fans will always see your image, bio, links, shows, and so on.

By default, a fan visiting will see your full discography. To instead take fans right to your latest release, go to your profile, and under Home Page, choose “When a fan visits my site: go to my latest release” (bonus: you also now have the option to go directly to your merch grid).

What happened to the index page? The discography replaces it.

The index page let me showcase just a few of my releases, and leave out everything else. Can I still do that? No. Most people used the index page as a full discography and were frustrated that it didn’t simply auto-fill, and this change is about fixing that problem. We’re considering adding a separate landing page option where you could feature a specific release, an image, a video, or a merch item, but no ETA just yet.

Hmm, I’m not seeing any of this, what gives? If you’re a label, you likely use the index page to link to individual Bandcamp artist sites. That is how-you-should-be-doing-it, so we haven’t touched your index page at all. However, we know you want the improvements mentioned here too, so stay tuned, a label solution is on the way.

Bandcamp App, Now with Music Feed!

Bandcamp App, Music Feed

The music feed is now in the Bandcamp app, and mmff, very exciting time!  For those who haven’t already experienced it on desktop, the feed is a great way to discover new music by following fans whose tastes overlap your own. It shows you the activity of all the fans and artists you follow, and lets you listen to their picks and new releases instantly. You’ll see when someone you follow buys an album, and you can listen to their favorite track and see what they had to say about it. We’ll show you when someone new starts following you and let you explore their collection. And we’ll even give you a heads up when someone you don’t follow buys one of your more niche records, because clearly that’s a person with exceptional taste whose collection you’ll want to check out too.

If you’ve already visited your feed on desktop, prepare to be stupefied all over again, for on mobile tracks play back to back, you can explore suggested fans’ collections right inline, and THE WHOLE THING NOW FITS IN YOUR POCKET AND/OR FANNY PACK.
It’s essentially a personalized radio station programmed exclusively by the people whose tastes you respect enough to follow.

Bandcamp App, Music Feed too

Before you even ask:

Why aren’t there Buy buttons in the iOS version? Because Apple won’t allow it. However, you can tap the wishlist button instead, and we’ll periodically email you a digest of your recently wishlisted items, along with direct links to buy them. Android, for what it’s worth, has Buy buttons right in the app.

Do I need a fan account? Yes, details here.

New in Bandcamp Pro: Sales Map

If you’re a Bandcamp Pro subscriber, you can now view all your buyers on a map for at-a-glance insight into touring and regional promotion (or possibly just jollies). Head over to your stats page and click on Map to check it out!

(And if you’re not a Bandcamp Pro subscriber, you can still play around with the map — you’ll just see sample sales data.)

Thank You, It’s a Gift

send as gift on bandcamp

You can now send any album or track on Bandcamp as a gift. Just click “Send as Gift” (below the Buy Now link), enter the recipient’s email address, add an optional personal message, and then check out as always. Your friend will get an email containing a link to the high-quality download, as well as instant, unlimited mobile access to the music via the free Bandcamp app.

Some things you may be wondering:

Can I send physical items as gifts?
Sure can.

What about gift cards?
We may add them in the future.

So if the gift recipient doesn’t have a Bandcamp fan account, they can use the gift to create one, no purchase needed?

I’m a fan. How can I insure that I only receive gifts I actually want?
Easy: send your friends a link to your Bandcamp wishlist (it looks a little something like this: Don’t have a fan account yet? Get yours here.

I’m an artist. Do I use “Send as Gift” to give some of my fans my music for free?
No, continue to use download codes for that. “Send as Gift” is for your fans to give your music as a gift to other people.

I’m an artist. Should I tell all my fans about this?
Yes please. Your fans would love to support you by giving your music to their friends. Please let them know that there’s now an easy way to do so!


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