Custom Domains. Custom Domains!

Our aspiration here at Bandcamp has always been to power the site that you consider yours. It’s a fine objective, and limiting our branding to the small logo you see in your site’s footer was a swell first step, but as long as “” was all up in your URL, the vision did not quiteContinue reading “Custom Domains. Custom Domains!”

On the Expansion of Creativity in The Commons

From the Bandcamp mailbag: Yo bandcamp dude and dudettes, I freaking love the site from what I’ve seen so far. But…please find some cool way to support creative commons. I’d like to be able to offer my free mp3 downloads in a way that my audience knows they’re OK to share with their friends. FromContinue reading “On the Expansion of Creativity in The Commons”

Big Ups from BIGSTEREO

Major unsolicited approbation from preeminent music blog BIGSTEREO today: “Bandcamp is the best site to come to the Internet in forever (think MySpace mixed with iTunes without the annoying features of both sites). Gotta say my one wish for this year is that more bands jump onto [it].” Damn. Thanks Travis! And congrats to Triobelisk,Continue reading “Big Ups from BIGSTEREO”

Go Paul & Storm, Go! You My Friend

With today’s installment, Paul and Storm’s epic Advent homage to everyone’s favorite songwriter, Randy Newman, draws to a bittersweet close. Dubbed The 25 Days of Newman, it is brilliant not only for its hilarious lyrics, but also for the total mastery of internet publicity that it demonstrates. With meme-savvy themes for The Big Lebowski, Cloverfield,Continue reading “Go Paul & Storm, Go! You My Friend”

Free Download Email Capture Thingy™

By crushingly popular demand, you can now collect a fan’s email address when they download a free track or album. Simply tick the “require email address” checkbox on the Edit Track or Album page, and when a fan downloads your music, Bandcamp will ask them for their vitals and email them a link to theContinue reading “Free Download Email Capture Thingy™”

Design Customization

Log into your account, click “edit design” in the upper right corner, and have at it. If you come up with something interesting, please let us know about it in the comments. If you come up with something not interesting, remember we reserve the right to close your account without notice for any reason (j/k,Continue reading “Design Customization”

The “Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants” Release

Artist Index You can now browse through all the artist sites powered by Bandcamp right here (we also link to that index from the home page). Before you start thinking we’re on our way to becoming yet-another-music-fan-portal, please let us ‘splain. As we’ve stated elsewhere, one of Bandcamp’s objectives is to optimize your site forContinue reading “The “Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants” Release”