How We Work, Selling Right Now

The Bandcamp team is spread out all over the world, which means we don’t have lunch together, we don’t bump into each other in the hall, and we don’t have impromptu across-the-table conversations. In short, we don’t do many of the things that are often considered crucial to any startup’s success. To make up forContinue reading “How We Work, Selling Right Now”

Bio, photo, and links sidebar

You can now display your bio, photo and links in your sidebar. Above, for example, is what that looks like for Cristina Bautista. In the past, we’ve seen artists resort to placing their links and bio in each of their albums’ liner notes (where the information just gets buried), so we’re excited to provide anContinue reading “Bio, photo, and links sidebar”

U.S. Patent Application 12,973,070: Inter-net Shopping “Cart”

It’s true, every Bandcamp-powered site now has a shiny new shopping cart. You can add stuff to it, remove stuff from it, and even umm…check out. And yet we’re sincerely excited about it, and think you should be too. Why? Well that requires a story. It’s kind of long, but as you’ll see, that’s kindContinue reading “U.S. Patent Application 12,973,070: Inter-net Shopping “Cart””

Album Pre-orders

After you click play, below, be sure to click “HD” in the upper-right corner. We’ve just made it incredibly simple to create album pre-orders on Bandcamp. You can give fans one or more tracks immediately when they pre-order, and then when you release the record, we’ll automatically email those fans a link to download theContinue reading “Album Pre-orders”

Recommended Albums

Our favorite part of Filter Magazine is the band interview section in the front. Not for the interviews themselves (though those are plenty good), but for the little section at the bottom, where the band tells you about three albums that they love. It’s a reliable source of new discoveries, and each band’s tweet-length blurbsContinue reading “Recommended Albums”

South by Southwest by Bandcamp

If you’re coming to South by Southwest this year please drop by Botticelli’s on Thursday, March 17th between 3 and 6pm (we’ll be hanging out in the back garden). Talk shop with other Bandcamp artists, drink beers, and tell the team about the features we should be building and bugs we should be fixing. PleaseContinue reading “South by Southwest by Bandcamp”

Game Soundtracks as Record Industry Bellwether. Also, Furries.

Something wonderful, and a little surprising, has been happening on Bandcamp lately. Indie game soundtracks have not only proliferated on the site, they’ve also been selling. A lot. The music for games like Super Meat Boy, Plants vs. Zombies and Shatter is often right up there on the top sales chart next to albums fromContinue reading “Game Soundtracks as Record Industry Bellwether. Also, Furries.”