Shipping labels and packing slips

If you’re selling merch on Bandcamp, and good gracious are there ever some excellent reasons you should be, you can now print out mailing labels and packing slips right from your orders page. Just go over to Tools, and click the link to manage your physical orders:   Then, on your orders page, you’ll seeContinue reading “Shipping labels and packing slips”

Ticketing improvements: will-call, door list

We’ve just made a few improvements to how tickets are listed on Bandcamp. You can now set the shipping for a ticket to be will-call/door list, and we’ll update all the fan-facing language on your site pages and receipts accordingly. We also now generate a live list of each show’s attendees, which you can printContinue reading “Ticketing improvements: will-call, door list”

All New Players Up! Twitter Too!

We’ve just launched a bunch of beautiful new players for you, your fans and the press to embed across the web. They’re simple, customizable, free, and completely focused on your music. First up is a large player, shown here without a tracklist: with a tracklist: and in a minimal, cover-art-only version: The large player alsoContinue reading “All New Players Up! Twitter Too!”

The New

Today we’re launching a brand new home page that’s focused on promoting all the incredible music on Bandcamp. The centerpiece is the Bandcamp Weekly show, hosted by Andrew Jervis. Andrew joins us from the renowned Ubiquity Records, where he headed up A&R for 14 years, and the Friday Night Session, which he hosted and producedContinue reading “The New”

Every Bandcamp site is now an awesome mobile site

All artist sites on Bandcamp now work and look great on mobile. We’ve optimized everything for the smaller screen and touch interface, so your albums look fantastic, fans can browse through your merch store with ease, and the checkout flow is fast and intuitive: Does this mean you expect my fans to launch their mobileContinue reading “Every Bandcamp site is now an awesome mobile site”

Behold the Glory of the Discoverinator!

Some things you may be wondering: Why? What? There are hundreds of thousands of albums on Bandcamp, but no easy way to browse through them and find your new favorite band. So we set out to build something that would take what we love most about traditional record stores — the serendipitous discovery that happensContinue reading “Behold the Glory of the Discoverinator!”